Friday, December 30, 2011

2 AM and still writing...

40th Post! Whoa!
Has it been that many already! 10 more and that makes 50! wow...
oh jeez, i just proved to you that i can count! Surprise, Surprise right?

So right as i am typing these words it is 2:01 in the morning and frankly, i'm not really sleepy...
i've noticed i've been up really late this past week and in general....on school nights i try not to stay up too late...i usually got to bed at 11 or 12 the latest...usually 11 though... and on weekends...well the sky's the limit right?
Except with my new iPod i've kinda been staying up even later...
like for two days in a row i went to bed at around 4 in the morning and now im up at two writing this...

So i've been reading my friend R.C.'s blog The Shades of Black and White which is really just fabulous and you should really check it out...but anyways...i've been reading her blog and her posts have inspired me and given me and idea for something i want to start on this blog...

I'm thinking to write whatever comes to mind.... like i always do...but also have like a recurring thing...a motif, if you will.... at the end of each post...
i kinda wanna do like a: pick a star (music, movies, television, art, etc.) and like give their name, where they're born, "occupation", and like a silly/interesting/fun fact about them...
so i think im gonna try to put a suggestion box along my blog so that if you have a specific  person in can request it and ill probably do them on my next post....
so let's try it....
Here's Star of the Day... no that's too cheesy.... um um A Glimmering that's just even worse im not even gonna finish that... ermm how about untitled for now and ill think of something later... XD

(The Title Will Go Here)
then a picture here...
Real Name:
Fun Fact:

yeah...i think it'll work.. dont you?

Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas!

So Christmas Day was yesterday! *whoot whoot*
i hope you guys had a great Christmas!

We had friends over on Christmas Eve and had a yummy dinner and just talked and spent the night talking and catching up. They live in another city... so yeah... anyways they left at like 11 ish at night and in my family, we open presents at i had to wait for an hour and it was killing me! lol...

anyways so for Christmas I got:

an i Pod Touch 4g 32G (which is what i really wanted and im so glad, im like in love with it...its crazy...)
i got boots
i got a hat
i got Santa socks
i got this stationary thing
two watches

and i cant think of anything else right now...but if i do...ill be sure to tell you!!!

Oh! i've also had this idea of starting a video blog...i think it could be fun....
any ideas on what i should do?
i figured i could like talk about classic movies of course, people, stuff going on in the news...any suggestions?

I'm on vacation! yay!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Classic Hollywood Poem

hi! so my friend inspired me to write this, and i didnt think i could, but i did, so here it is!

Classic Hollywood Poem
(not a creative title i know, but oh well)

In the land of glamour and dreams,
not everything is what it seems.
Where wild spirits roam,
filled with directors, artists, and emcees.

Where passion runs deep and untamed,
where secrets will always remain.
Rumors spread like the summer wildfires,
mostly started by jealousy and liars.

Overnight you become a star,
but for many, you only can get so far.
Furs, jewels, and perfumes will come pouring in,
mixed with suits, champagne and gin.

What a mystical place,
where everyone knows your face.
Your privacy vanishes,
your family, heart, and soul may not take the damages.

'It's the price of fame' they say,
when you're crying at night wishing it would all go away.
You find love and you fight for it,
you realize what you do is not just a skit.
You love what you do,
and that makes you realize you made it through.

You never gave up,
you didn't take a sip from the devil's cup.
You're on top of the world when you're on that stage,
the next morning you're on the newspaper's front page.

You feel complete when you're holding that golden statuette,
this will be a night you'll never forget.

In that city where spotlights and flashes are all you can see,
that city you want to run from, but never really flee.
You will always be remembered for who you are or what you did,
you can bet your bottom dollar on that kid.

That city will keep the future entranced,
of the days of black and white comedy, drama, and song and dance.

The mysticism and romance behind Hollywood,
is something that can never be understood.

For the land of black and white,
I'd put up a fight and plea,
to be there tonight,
and never leave.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


So its thursday! well about to be friday seeing as i should be going to sleep because it is a school night! oh well....

yesterday, we had our last Movement for the Actor class and we ended with a demo for friends and family to show them what weve learned... i think it went rather well and was happy when it finished... so no more class until next semester! yay!

Monday of next week is the audition for Sweeney Todd and im so nervous! the song we have to sing is extremely high and extremely difficult and its worrying me... and we have to do a monologue as well and that should be interesting....

ill be sure to tell you guys all about it after it happens...


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Just Wonderful...

So yes, today was the assembly! and yes! i had a blast!
okay lets start from the beginning!

So I've been having this on and off again cold thing which is really just a cough and it kinda came back and now its just annoying and i was coughing yesterday during rehearsal and i was so scared id cough today during the run....but thankfully my chest and lungs agreed with me and decided to not let me cough a lot onstage! :)

Anyways, so i haven't been feeling my best, but that's okay...because we got to school at like 7:10ish which is really, REALLY early for me, but whatever...We did a run through, and i was just nervous for that...but we got through it pretty well...the chair flip things we do from our Tell-Tale Heart scene weren't coming out that well when we were rehearsing so i was kinda nervous about that.

Our school does assemblies kind of weird...well i think its weird... since they're usually on Wednesdays, its usually minimum day, which means we get out at 1:03 instead of our regular 3:00pm.So how our school does it is that you go see the assembly with your third period teacher. You either have first assembly or second assembly. That means because we have so many people at our school, about 2,000+ you cant all fit into our auditorium at the same time, you have to do it separately. So the whole day is 20 minute classes with your third period being like an hour and something so that you can go see the assembly. Which i mean is fine by me, but having to perform twice was kind of bad... i got nervous more for the second assembly though, because i knew a lot of people who go as the audience in second assembly because that's when my teacher takes us.

Well we got through it!!! PERFECTLY! IT WAS GREAT! so exhilarating! Everyone else in the other departments (dance, music, art, film) they did great too! And so after the assembly people were telling us like "oh you did great" and stuff like that and that made me happy, but what made me the happiest was that on my way to my last class, i stopped by my Spanish teacher's room because i wanted to say hi and see what i had missed from class and my old Spanish teacher from last year was there too and so it was nice to talk to both of them. That made my day, talking to them, because they're like "wow you were great!" and stuff like that and i was like "oh thank you" but what made me happy was that my teacher said something along the lines of "oh yeah, your performance (the skit) was probably my favorite part of the assembly" and my old Spanish teacher agreed with him and my teacher was saying that we did a good job with the chair flips and my old Spanish teacher said that it looked very well rehearsed and very well put together and i told them that we made it to finals with that scene at a theater competition and they were very impressed and it just made me happy. OH YEAH! this was all going on in Spanish of course! XD Also, i found it funny, that two guy teachers were talking not talking...GOSSIPING about their students..which i found hilarious! but that's okay, because they're fetch enough to do it! XD to do my homework...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nervous...Very Very Dreadfully Nervous

youre probably wondering why im so nervous, well tomorrow in our Movement For The Actor class we are performing our movement pieces... i perform tomorrow and im very nervous...

the theme we have to perform to is "occupy"... yes it could mean in the political sense of like Occupy Wall Steeet, but also like occupations, and occupying space... its pretty open to different interpretations...

you want to hear what mine's about? well im doing it to the song The Greatest by Cat Power and its a kid who falls asleep during Career Day at school and dreams about all these different occupations he/she could have(one of them being a protestor) so im nervous about that...

*if no one caught that, the title is from Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" my favorite Poe story.... probably because i know more than half of it becaus we performed it...XD*

okay so ive got a problem... well not a problem... just a thought in the back of
my head that could be a problem... So last week im the PE locker room my friend was telling me how she thinks our Spanish teacher is really cute.... and ever since she said that, well its kinda stuck in my head...
well okay before you freak out, he just turned 34 and hes a single dad who was really pretty bluish green eyes(oh that explains itXD) and dresses really really well... like really well! its so wonderul... oh and he plays socced;)

see! thats the problem! i shouldnt be talking about a teacher like that! HELP!

Friday, November 25, 2011

My 1 Hour and 36 Minutes With Marilyn

So i just got home from watching...yeah you guessed it.... My Week With Marilyn 
I went with my mother and i enjoyed it...a lot actually...

When i first heard they were making a movie on Marilyn i was like uh-oh this cant be good... and the more i heard about it...well i didnt hear much actually, but i did read, well flip through, this article at Target about it and i just, i wasnt convinced by Michelle Williams as the part... but i still went to go see it because...i still wanted to see it!

So they had Sir Laurence Olivier...who was a TOTAL JR (if you know what that means...if you dont...well he was just mean) there was Vivien Leigh who wasnt in much of the film, but still was part of it... there was Emma Watson as a costume or prop not sure..but she was there...and of course the protagonist Colin Clark (who was played by Eddie Redmayne and who i cant decide whether he's cute or not) and Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe.

So the plot was good i guess, i mean it was an interesting story and yes, you get sucked in and feel bad for her....a lot.... and for Colin! but its a love what do you expect?!?

The scenery was just BEAUTIFUL and i loved the costumes...
well anyways... i just found out it was rated R... that explains a lot... surprisingly not a lot of sex...which was good...especially if youre watching it with your mother.... a lot of suggestiveness though....anywhoo....

So my main issue with it is i dont really know how to criticize it.... my problem is that i mean i dont want to say that i know nothing about Marilyn...i know just as much as the next person does... about her childhood and everything.... but thats about it... i dont really know how to pull the facts out of the movie.... see if it was a movie about Lucille Ball or the Kennedy's... id be looking for all the little mistake or acknowledgments the writers made....but i couldnt do that with this...
but i still recommend it! XD

so that's that.... also! i got some books from that discount bookstore! :D
i got:
The Kennedy Women by Laurence Leamer
Natalie Wood: A Life by Gavin Lambert
a People Weekly Special Collector's Edition: Unforgettable Women of the Century (with Jackie Kennedy looking o-so-beautiful on the cover)
and some Spanish book... XD

Happy Turkey Day!!!

wow! so i just got the app on my iTouch that allows me to post on here! thats great and that means i can probably
post more often now that i dont have to be on the computer!

well how was your Thanksgiving?
i think ive decided that my favorite holiday is a tie between Thanksgiving and Christmas! :D

so this year we went to my aunts house as usually and the food was GREAT! just delicious! we had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetables, yams, butternut squash, stuffing, enyucado, biscuits, almojabanas, and pie...lotsa lotsa pie!

i had fun, but i think the best part came after dinner and desert when my aunts and a friend that came over started playing music on the flute, piano, and they sang. it waa great... but then my mom suggested that i sing... and i did!
O.o i know right? crazy!!! at first i was singing kind of quietly because i personally wasnt very confident withy my voice... after all, the only time i sing is in the shower and in the car and
my only audience is usually my mother... well after a while i started getting the hang of it and i started singing louder... we mainly played songs out of this book of broadway show some of the songs i sang were Fiddler on the Roof, Matchmaker, Do-Re-Mi, Cabaret, Hello Dolly, and other ones.... i had fun singing and im looking forward to doing it again....

i was just happy that someone other than me thinks i have a good-ish singing voice! XD

oh yeah! and no Black Friday for me! :D

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting My Life Back...

Howdy, ho!

How are you?

Well its amazing, but i've actually got time to write! YAY!
So this past week the fall play at our school closed....and well closed with a bang! This Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were the last show dates and well here's how it went...On Thursday, CETA judges (CETA is a competition high school plays enter in which our school got first place last year for The Laramie Project which was just simply amazing) came to see the show. It wasnt necessarily a BAD's just that there was like 12 people in the audience and it just wasnt THE BEST show we've put on...but we'll see what happens. Friday, everything was going great. The cast had a good energy and the scene changes were coming along great... were almost done with the show...and then... the panel falls! It just falls right during a transition! The audience gasped and to tell you the truth, the crew was pretty freaked out... well at least i was...luckily no one was hurt...but still! We had to get it off stage and it was just a mess! STRESSFUL! Saturday we just had a lot of house crew necessary, just-to-get-attention drama... it was annoying, but we had a GREAT audience...they were laughing it up and it was wonderful for the actors! Sunday was closing day....barely anyone showed up which was kind of depressing and it rained! Oh and boy did it rain.... we live in it doesnt really rain, but it really poured! i normally wouldnt mind because i love the rain! but i was sick(still am) and well the actors have crosses they have to do outside to get to their entrances and they couldnt do that because our school floods outside the theater because they dont clean out the drain pipes. So we had to change where costume changes took place and entrances and it was just pretty hectic. But now the show's over and i actually get to have my life back!

My parents celebrated their 16 anniversary this weekend in Las Vegas so i've been staying with a friend since Sunday...i got home today and im like SUPER tired and so excited to get to bed. NO MORE SCHOOL UNTIL MONDAY OF NEXT WEEK! yay! im happy....

I was making up my Christmas like wish list and this is what i've got so far:
iPod Touch (4th generation, black-the one with a camera)
Pirates of the Caribbean 4

now lemme expand on those...
well iPhone is kinda self explanatory... Sprint just got the iPhone and i really want one!
um iPod Touch...if i cant have an iPhone...its the next best thing...i just really want one with a camera!
boots ive been wanting for a long time....both combat boots and just like boots that i'd like....
books of course
movies of course
Dallas as in to be able to watch the television show... i'm not gonna give up on that one with my mother!
clothes well self explanatory again
Pirates 4 because i loved it so much and if i get it ill own all four so i can have like the collection!

OH! last two things... have i mentioned i keep a correspondence with my godmother who lives in Seattle, WA.. like an actual correspondence with like physical letters written on paper! I love she replied back today so that makes me excited.

They also announced what the spring musical is going to be at my school... its gonna be Sweeney Todd!!!! can you believe it?!?!?!? AHH thats amazing! im so excited and im hoping that i can get cast into it.... my goal is to get into the ensemble! but i do wanna work on a crew...probably set or something...i want to work with the blood! that would be AWESOME! wow that totally makes me sound crazy! XD

and also...i felt so is November 22nd and i didnt remember! i didnt remember that today the life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our 35th president, was taken in Dallas, Texas in 1963. I remembered last year because well if you didnt know....i have a thing for the Kennedy's...Bobby is my favorite brother, but i do love Jack and i just feel bad that i didnt remember.... i've had so much on my mind lately....

well Jack, i just want you to know  that you are not forgotten here and that i hope you rest in peace!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Show, FBI, and Princess Grace

So yeah i'm back for the time being!
I have been so busy you don't even know! It's CRAZY! so ill try to catch you up on everything that has happened...

Well two weeks ago, we had rehearsals from 5:30-9pm every night...yeah not fun! Well I mean of course it is fun...but it just leaves me no time to do what i usually like to do...and this past week we opened the we had rehearsals Monday and Tuesday and then on Wednesday we had a preview for the other academy students (film, art, dance, etc.) so it went well, thankfully! Then Thursday was opening night! :D that went well as well! Afterwards, our theatre program has a tradition of going out to the near Denny's because their open 24hrs so we went and celebrated opening night there...there was like 10 or 15 of us.... we took up this HUGE table, but it was quiet fun! Then Friday, we didn't have school, but we had another show and again afterwards  we went to the park near our school and just sat around and talked for a bit...then i went home... Yesterday we had another show (of course) and my parents came to this one so that was fun! Afterwards, my parents wanted to go to the movies so we went and saw J. Edgar and boy was that GREAT! i absolutely loved it! I'm a big fan of like biopics and i enjoyed it a lot... My problem with it was that the movie made you sympathize with him...which bothered me because as a person, i pretty much hate him. I think he was a terrible human being (I'm on the Kennedy's side... so you can see where i'm coming from)...but while i was watching the movie i totally forgot about how i felt about him and just went along with the movie...i was even contemplating crying at the end...but then i didnt... Anyways....that movie was 2 hours we got home at like 1am... So today im like EXHAUSTED! but it's okay because i've done all of my homework and i have no school im pretty much gonna have a late night tonight (probably writing and YouTube) and then not do anything tomorrow!

OH! so our school has a winter formal every...well...winter... so my friends are going and i was gonna ask my friend if she wanted to go with me....but my other friend beat me to i was momentarily dateless.... anyways it's at this yacht club with a dinner and everything...and i want to i ended up asking a guy in my English class if he wanted to go with me... and he said yes! ;) so i kinda have like a REAL date.... XD ill have to tell you about it after it happens... DECEMBER 3rd...

and another thing... i saw In Time with Justin Timberlake the other weekend and i forgot how much i liked listening to his i've been on like a Justin Timberlake music kick lately! XD my favorite song of his is a tie between SexyBack (for reasons i shall not talk about at the moment) and yea.. :D

See Ya!

Oh! also i was on my friend's blog Living In the Wrong Era (you should check it out) and i took the same quiz she if you're interested... I got Grace Kelly...which im totally okay with :)

This is what it said:

Grace Kelly. The American Princess, she lived the ultimate fairy tale and every girl's fantasy becoming princess of Monaco, but before that, she was one of Hollywood's A-list notably appearing in three Hitchcock movies, including "Dial M for Murder", "Rear Window", and "To Catch a Thief" - all classics. She also won an Academy Award for her role in "The Country Girl".
Patient, Cool, Obedient, Sophisticated
You do what is expected of you, even if that means giving up something important to you. You may seem to be living the perfect life to others, but you might not be as happy as they'd expect. You struggle and fall on tough times like most but what makes you stand out is that you're able to keep your cool as well as your self-respect. Unwavering where most others would have given up you rough out the bad times without complaining or being self-piteous. You are above that. You look at the road ahead of you with a sense of purpose, but remember that you can always veer off that path laid down for you by others and go in the direction you choose...

oh yeah...did i mention they are both very attractive! ;)

Sunday, October 30, 2011


So i've gathered that this post title means nothing to most readers...well it would mean nothing to me as well if i didnt have friends in theatre last year when they talked about it...
So here's the break down... DTASC

alright... so DTASC is a theatre competition that schools from Southern California enter. Well at our school here's how it works. In early October there was this sign-up sheet for students to direct scenes to enter into the competition. The scenes can only be student directed. There were a few categories you can do.
Well there was a tech category (lighting, costume, set, etc.) but no one from our school entered although i believe 2 or 3 people at our school do have the talent to win in those categories. The performance categories are Large Group Drama, Audition Monologues, Large Group Comedy, World Theatre, Horror/Sci-fi/Fantasy, One Acts, and Musical.
The student directors got to pick the categories they wanted to direct.
So the breakdown of what categories went from our school is this:
~Two Audition Monologues: i dont remember where the two girls got there's was from the Crucible though... for the monologues, the guidelines are to pick two contrasting for example, one would be depressing and the other would be exhuberent... i guess its to show you're acting ability...
~Large Group Drama: they did The Elephant Man
~One Act: um i think it was called Borrowed was really good...i loved it...
~Horror/Sci-fi/Fantasy: i was in this one and we were an all female cast and we did The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe
~Musical: they did Next To Normal which was absolutely amazing!

so after the directors held like a mini-audition to see how we acted, they cast us into our parts... like i said...i was cast in The Tell-Tale Heart...i played one of the cops. and then rehearsals began!
We rehearsed everyday at lunch and then on Thursday of this past week, we held a showcase of all of our scenes that we were taking to the competition at night. It was fun and that was my very first time performing in front of an audience. I could literally feel my heart pumping in my chest, but after i started moving on stage, i forgot about my nerves.

So yesterday...i woke up at 5:45am and got ready to go to school. I arrived and we departed at about 6:45...we watched the sun rise in the bus. The school where the competition was being held was this HUGE school for performing arts and although it had a big campus and an amazing theatre, the outside felt like you were in a prison yard. The walls needed some color and they badly needed grass....but other than that, it was a good school. and so the competition began!

Oh! first thing i should mention.... the rules for the Horror/Sci-fi/Fantasy category is that your scene must be student directed, has a time limit of 5 mins, must not have costumes or make-up (as cops we just wore all black), and the only props we're allowed to use is up to 4 chairs... now i'll get into the chairs a bit later.

We went to our first room with our first set of judges and performed and watched the other performances...we werent too worried about that room.... the next room we went to for the second set of judges was just terrible! Everyone was so talented we just looked at each other like "Oh my gosh!"...then it was lunch time.... we ate and then headed over to the main area place where they announced who would move on to semi-finals. As we stood there in the hot sun for about half an hour...we were nervous...but finally they threw the butcher paper that had all the school codes (we were FT...we're not allowed to used our school names while we're there to prevent bias from judges that may know us) and there it was! FT! we had made it to semi's!!! :D Not only had we made it, but one of our people that were doing monologues made it, the one-act made it, our drama made it, and the musical made it! it was great!

Then we went to perform in front of the semi-finals judges and boy was there pressure in that room. It was very nerve-racking... we got through it without any mistakes so that was good... then we had to go out and wait in the hot sun again to see if we made it to finals... now i'm being completely serious... i dont think i've ever been this nervous in my life... we stood there..the four of us, surrounded by everyone else that came from our school and we held hands and waited for the butcher paper to be thrown over the little balcony thingy...They threw over our category's paper and there it was! blocked by the hand of the guy holding it! FT! we SCREAMED and hugged each other for like 5 minutes... i was like crying! i dont think i've ever felt so accomplished in my life! it felt so good to have so many people congratulating us...too bad only us and the musical made it to finals...but hey! we got to represent our school in two categories...

So now the pressure was really on as we were waiting to perform for the finals judges! that was SCARY! but once we got up there...i felt like we did pretty good!
oh i think now is a good time to explain about the chairs.. so we're allowed up to 4 chairs in our scene and you can do whatever you want with them....well the more creative you are...the better it works towards our director devised these really fetchin' chair tricks for the killing of the old man and the smothering of him, and the hiding of the body.... we also did this this where we pounded our hands against our chests to make the sound of a heartbeat...because that is a recurring thing that pops up in our scene...

Well i mean we didnt win a trophy...we got an honorable mention for making it to the finals so we got a plaque but you know what...we were all totally okay with it... The two groups who won 1st and 2nd place truly deserved it. Alice in Wonderland won 2nd place and they had the accents down perfectly and the acting was just amazing! and for first was Dracula and it was like this version that had only been performed i think three times before and while i was watching it...i was truly scared...the acting was phenomenal and just the screams and everything they was truly a horror and i think i would have been upset if it hadnt won...

so i was very proud of myself that we made it to finals my first time there...and just proud of everyone! :)

so i shall say goodbye because i have homework to do...

oh! i was going to say! in our first room for our first and second performance it was sooo CREEPY! on one wall there was this huge poster of Edgar Allen Poe on the wall and it was a freaky picture of him...then on the back wall there was a raven and a little figuring on Edgar Allen Poe with a little raven on his shoulder...and on the front wall...there was a poster of like great male authors....and Edgar Allen Poe was there was like he was haunting us! it was SCARY! my friend who plays the crazy man leaned over to me between two scenes and said "Oh my gosh. I swear i just delivered my the whole scene to the raven in the back." It was hilarious! but creepy that we got put into that room...while doing the scene we were doing...

If you've never read The Tell-Tale Heart.... i suggest you truly is a GREAT short story and i'd definitely recommend it...

True! Nervous...very very dreadfully nervous...I had been and am...but why must you say that I am mad? 

If you would like to read the original story here's the link!
and here is an amazing animation that i love...James Mason narrates it... it is just so well done! it gives you a good feel of what our scene was like...what the atmosphere felt like... Watch and Enjoy!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Today I'm not going to write a lot because i just don't think i can...

I was doing my homework and i hear my mom talking on the phone about something or other and then she mentioned "hospital" and she sounded worried and i'm like what? so i get up and walk to her room and she's talking on the phone and she tells me that my best friend's dog is dead. They don't know what cause it. He barely turned one this September...he was just a puppy....

I can't believe it...he was the most boyish dog i've ever seen. you could tell he was a boy. he walked with this assertiveness that could only come from a male, he was so playful, and so sweet. If he was nipping at you, and you'd say "Leo! Be Nice!" he'd immediately stop! He was just this adorable puppy and he was my dog's best friend. I named my friend my dog's god mother and i was Leo's god mother as well. Now he's gone... i just i really can't believe it.

I don't know how i'll react the next time i go over to her house, it will just seem so empty. They had built him a  dog house and everything. I dont even want to think about how my friend is feeling right now. I know that if my dog died, i'd probably go mad. and i say that in all seriousness....

My thoughts and prayers go out to my friend and her family....

i didnt have any pictures of this was the only one i could find.

i love you Leo
and i hope you Rest In Peace.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

DTASC, Flu Shot, and Glasses...

So it's Saturday! Yay! finally the seems that this year the weekend just doesnt come soon enough...

So this past week has been kinda hectic...but it seems like every week is...on thursday i went to the doctors to get a flu shot..those things hurt A LOT! my arm is still kinda sore....i guess it might have to do with the fact that im a big baby when it comes to shot...i really DONT like needles... XD that's why ill probably why i'll never get any other piercings or any tattoo in my life...i'd be too scared to!

Um so yeah,  i got the flu shot and then we went to go get my eyes checked because i've been having trouble reading from far away (mainly the board) and when the people came to our school to check our hearing and eye-sight...i was having a hard time taking the eye test...well so we went to the optometrist (that's what they're called right? ;P) and he put me to look at all these different machines to test my vision and stuff...we'll im happy to say that my eyes are 100% healthy...but that's just the eye ball... it turns out i'm near-sighted, like my mother... its not bad right now..but i am getting glasses and they helped a lot when we tried on the lenses because i could actually see clearly! it was amazing! so ill be getting the glasses in like a week or two.... ill be sure to tell you about that.... what does scare me is that the doctor said that as my eyes grow, the near-sightedness will progress...which means its gonna get worse :( oh well....

i finished my Linda Gray book today! i LOVED it! i really do recommend it to a lot of people...but really i would recommend it to girls because she says a lot of things about like life and how to stay healthy and to feel good about yourself and i think what she says is really true and just good to know... im officially thinking of her as Larry Hagman's female counterpart because not only are they just perfect together...but they have the same way of looking at life and the same sense of humor! i was laughing so hard at the things she was saying it was great! my mother must have thought i had gone mad! :P

I started volunteering at the hospital again, now during the school year, so its only 2 hour shifts, which i find nicer and a little easier to handle... so that was fun i guess...
im at my mothers office waiting for her to finish the accounting she's doing or whatever it is she's doing and then we get to go home and do homework! yay! can you tell i said that sarcasitcally? XD

oh! yesterday i went to work for my aunt and we watched Narnia...the new was good...

i'm beginning to get nervous because DTASC (the theatre competition im gonna be in) is next Saturday and the showcase at our school of the scenes is on Thursday...i've never acted in front of a crowd.... i've actually never acted until this year, so yeah...i'm nervous...oh well ill get through it in one piece..hopefully....

i actually had a dream about it last night and it was a disaster! we completely failed and were laughing on stage and it was just terrible...then there was something about a mall and kung-fu...
yes i have weird dreams, you should know that...maybe some day ill tell you about them.... i mean i've got 4 followers...what have i got to lose? one of them already knows my dreams are a little weird...because we talk about them a lot...and she taunts me about now i cant look at a can of Sprite without laughing really hard...and well the three other followers will either think im strange or have gone mad... probably you'll think i'm mad... why else would you be reading this anyways?

this just reminded me of Linda's book actually...its good to poke fun at yourself...that way you dont take yourself too seriously...and trust me...i poke fun at myself ALL THE TIME!

"I've had a pretty laughable career, and the thing that has gotten me through it is my sense of humor"
take it from her people, it helps!

has anyone told you that you are loved and appriciated recently? well you are... so have a good day and thank you for reading! :)

ps: if you have the time, please drop me a line or two of your thoughts on the blog or anything else...i'd love to hear from the people that read this..if they do... dont be shy! :D

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wood Shavings, Dust, and Spanish-English books....

Howdy everyone!

so today is Wednesday! yay! the week is almost over! i'm glad..... we did this really fetchin' lab in chemistry yesterday and we got to pretty much blows things up! okay well maybe im exaggerating... but we did get to break test tubes and use the Bunsen that was fun!

Oh yesterday, we worked in the set shop (the place where we have all the materials to build a set for a show) mainly cleaning it up...that was fun because i was with friends, but boy was that hard work! There was dust and wood shavings everywhere and i had it all over me! it was terrible! and hard to breathe in! but fun! :)

Tomorrow i'll be going to get my eyes examined because i'm having trouble seeing from far away...yeah its annoying... :(

today i got two of my books that i ordered from amazon...i got my Spanish book...which ended up being a translated version in i dont really know what use that'll do..but oh still gonna read it! and then i got my Linda Gray biography.... and you dont know how HAPPY i was to find out that the cover was autographed! i freaked! it's great! im so excited to read it! and scan some of the pictures in it because they're really good! :D umm what else is there to say.... school is good...i guess....

oh my friend and i discussed how cliques are really everywhere... because people at the beginning of the year said that theatre isnt clique-y and how we're all a family and stuff...and i agree! its true! but there are cliques! there's like this group of girls that like to party...there's this big group of people that are just like average kids (me and my friends) and then there's this group of kids that are kinda ...well im not sure how to describe it...they kinda keep to themselves though..they dont sit with us at lunch...BUT the thing is our cliques get we respect each other and we dont really hate on each other like i know a lot of groups at school i find that kind of nice...and i love how since i'm one of the new kids this year...they've made me feel really welcome and are really very i really appreciate that....especially because i was so nervous going into the program... but its all good now...

so time to go read The Linda Gray Story (that title sounds soooo dramatic to me) aahaha so enjoy the rest of your day or night...depending on where ever you are reading this...

yes, she's wonderful :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homecoming, My Father, and Kevin Bacon....

So my friend just posted a her blog and it was great...i loved it... you guys should really check it out : Living In the Wrong Era
so i felt like i should come on here and write something....

well this week has kinda been really busy....on Friday our school had our homecoming game against this one school called Morningside and we kinda murdered was 41 to 6.... so that was was fun too because all the theatre people sat together and its really true what they said at the beginning of the really do become like a family!
and so on Saturday morning i took the PSAT (the preliminary SAT)  but they told us we couldnt talk about it anywhere so i just kinda bugged me that i had to get up really early (as if i was going to school) on a Saturday, but oh well...and then i got home and took a power nap!
Saturday night was our Homecoming dance and because my friend

ARGHHH MY DAD TOTALLY JUST PISSED ME OFF!!! MY MOM WAS JUST SAYING THAT WE WERE GONNA START WATCHING SOMETHING TOGETHER SINCE IM DONE WITH MY HOMEWORK AND HE GOES "I DONT WANNA WATCH ANY MORE OF THOSE OLD MOVIES LIKE GOSH REALLY!" well i mean he said this all in Spanish, but you get the point.... Anyways! i totally just screamed back "Well you can go watch whatever you ones forcing you!" and he just totally starts cracking up! and im just like UGHHHH!!!!!! so now we're gonna watch I Dream of Jeannie and I Love Lucy....but im keeping what he said in mind next time i get a movie from Netflix or anything else....

SO ANYWAYS! to finish my homecoming story.... my friend was too scared to ask the guy she likes out to the dance, she asked me if i wanted to go with her and i said was fun! well for the most part... the theme was Footloose...but the new that upsets me....i have a lot of things against the new one...but it would take a whole post to talk about that...

it is quite insane how many girls really dont have any self respect about how they dance...its just rather disgusting....see thats another reason why i dont like the new Footloose...

ummm i think thats it for now.... alright yeah... good bye!

oh have i mentioned that Kevin Bacon is quite beautiful?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fail-Safe and others...

So as my dear friend pointed out, i havent written in almost an eternity!
Well here i am, im afraid i dont have a lot to say at the moment but I just felt like i should talk about something...anything...

Yesterday i watched Fail-Safe with Henry Fonda and Larry was wonderful and by the end i was gritting my teeth...i think for Larry's first movie, he did a pretty good job. My favorite line was towards the end of the film, Larry utters "Holy Mother of God" but it wasnt the was the way he said sent chills up and down my spine... I seriously felt like the world was going to blow up then and there. It also didnt hurt that he wore the glasses I love so much in the beginning of the film. ;)

I also watched Anatomy of a Murder a while back which was also a stellar movie with the wonderful Jimmy Stewart and Lee Remick who my friend is totally obsessed's rather hilarious actually... :)

I've added another chapter to my story : When You're Gone and I'm really liking where the story is taking me...or rather where i'm taking it...
I'm also planning on writing a couple of songfics for Dallas. For those of you who dont know what a songfic is...its pretty much a take a book, show, whatever it is you want, and instead of making up a story out of the blue, you take a song and build from there.... There are SO many songs i could use for the JR/Sue Ellen pairing, so its gonna be really hard to decide where to start...I'm also thinking of writing a plain old fanfic for Dallas...but it hasnt completely materialized in my brain so i cant begin writing it yet....
i hope i'm not boring you....

Last thing i want to mention which for those of you who have talked to me in the last couple of days...was that i found out Linda Gray grew up where i've been living all my life... She went to school (sadly not the same school i go to, now that would be fetchin' awesome!) but she went to school to a school i pass by a lot and I'm just like "Oh my gosh!" I guess i got all excited mainly because nothing like this has ever really happened to me. I've never met anyone who's famous and to think that someone lived and grew up where I'm living and growing up...that's just ahhh just FETCH! thats really the only word that comes to mind right now.... Plus...It's Linda Gray! like that just makes it 10x cooler than Drew Barrymore who was born here.... i dont know... if i tried to explain how my mind works...well id probably go insane...

So there you have it...I promise ill try to be more consistent about my posts from now on...

so goodbye to all you darlin's out there...
(have i told you guys how much i love the word darlin'? no? yes? well if i havent...thats a story to tell some other time...)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm a bagel on a plate full of onion rolls...

So today i had my audition for the theater program at our school. It's called the AVPA, or the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts and its a really good program and my friends talked me into joining theater...they were in it last year, so i decided why not give it a whirl. I figure ill like it! :) anyways so today was my audition...everyone had to memorize a monologue and perform it. I did a monologue from Funny Girl (1968) Well i swear i had it all down last night, and even during the time i was practicing before my audition...I dont wanna say i wasnt nervous, because i was, but i thought id do okay. Well here i go, its 4:10 and the "teacher" calls me in. I start...i get through maybe half of it and i freeze up. OH FETCH! WHAT DO I DO KNOW? So i ad-lib a tiny bit of some of the lines i could remember...but sure enough, i freeze up again. Well it was no use ad-libbing anything else because i just couldnt remember. So he tells me that its okay and the interview part begins.
He is surprised to see that ive never done anything, and i mean ANYTHING , on stage before. He said i looked real natural up there...:) well he asks me about the random fact we were supposed to put down...i wrote that i enjoyed watching old films from the 20's-70's more than i enjoy watching the current ones. and he's like "wow! you dont like any movies from the past 3 decades?" i was like...well i like SOME, i just prefer the older ones...he said that was cool and he asked me what my favorite movie was...i was like O.O "um..." and he then added, "more like whats the first movie that pops into your head." Well the first movie that popped into my head was Too Many Girls (1940)  and i told him that it was first a broadway musical, but then in 1940, RKO made it into a film with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, and that was where they met (and fell in love *sigh*) and he was surprised to hear that i acutally knew what RKO was... :D yes, that made me very happy!
Well i bombed the audition...but even if i dont get a part in the fall play..i still have the spring musical to look forward too and i can always work back stage with props or costumes or something...that could always be fun...well ill be sure to come to you when i found out who got what the mean's the latest chap of my story! i hope you enjoy it! :D

if you havent read may wanna start here:

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Wow! So i havent written here in THE LONGEST TIME! i'm sorry....let my try to catch you up...
Um summer has been pretty great this year...i talked to a lot of new people and made some really amazing friendships *cough cough psychic cough cough* and its been pretty relaxing. I start school next tuesday, september 6th, on my birthday! yay me! :( oh well...ill just have to deal with it...My friends asked me if i wanted to go camping this weekend because they want to do something for my birthday...and i think i will. So that should be exciting...

um not much has happened... today is my last day of work at my aunts work because since i start school...i kinda cant go and work in the middle of the day...ahahha... ummm i really dont know what else to say, my mind is drawing a blank.

Yesterday i stayed up really late writing, but i felt so accomplished after i knocked out the chapter i was doing. Personally, i like where I'm going with this story, so I'm very proud of my self. *pats herself of the back* if you would like to check it's the link, its called When You're Gone...feel free to tell me what you think! :)

so because my aunt is on her way to picking me up, i'll make this short and snappy...
uhhh wow i make my life seem really boring dont it? uhh yea i guess i do... nothing is coming to mind at the moment...but i promise i will try to write again soon...with something a bit more interesting!

y'all have a good day now!

~Mrs. Ewing Nelson <3

Friday, August 12, 2011


So my mom's aunt passed away recently and today we had a mass for her at the church i grew up going to.
Well no, that would be a lie, i didnt grow up going to church. I've just been there whenever we do go to church. You see my mother's father was a very religious man, and he followed many religions at different times, so as a child, my mother got a taste of what a lot of religions were like. My father was raised a Catholic, i believe, but was never really, like devout. So when they got married, and  i was born, they decided that they wouldnt raise me under a specific religion, they would just instill good values and beliefs in me.

So, i was never baptized, never got a first communion or confirmation. When i was 10 months old, my parents flew me to my family in Seattle, Washington where my godmother lives and such and i was blessed. I think it was a Christening, but i dont know. The point is, i was raised to believe in a god, whatever god that may be, and ive read my childrens bible and probably will read the bible one day, i believe in angels, and i believe in heaven. I believe there are consequences for your action, and that there is someone looking over us.  But to me, religion isnt something i immediately care for. What i mean is, i dont care what you believe in, as long as you dont try to push it on me. I'm that way with many things. So going to church today for a legitamite mass was interesting to me.

They said prayers and things that i didnt know, i mean i recognized the Our Father prayer, even though i know it in spanish..well i dont know it, but i know some of it. i know one specific prayer by heart, which is the one of the angels, i know it in Spanish, because that was how it was taught to me. "Angelito de la guarda..."
which is "Angel of God...". I felt a bit out of place because i didnt know what was really going on. And then the preacher was giving the i think communion it was called, when they give you the bread and the wine, and my mother and me were the only ones that didnt do it, because well, we just dont do was a bit ackward, but i really thought that it was just beautiful. The way the preacher made it feel heartfelt and warm, after all, it was only like 10 of us, mainly family and a couple of close friends... it just felt right.

I'm sad to say that i didnt know my great-aunt very well. She lived in Colombia, and id only met her a couple of times. but it hit her son, my uncle/ not quite sure...the hardest. he couldnt travel over there, but he was such an incredible son to her. And when she was here, he took care of her soo well, and he wrote a beautiful poem to her. I didnt cry, but i was on the verge of tears a couple of times...

After the mass, we went over to my favorite restaurant, a cuban one called Versailles. Its really famous for its food and we sat and ate and it was fun. The food was delicious, as always... and it was nice to be around family and friends for a while. And my i guess he'd be my uncle/cousin as well, has invisalign! so now we're like invisalign buddies! although he has wayy more buttons than i do...he lucked out because i have to wear rubber bands with mine! yea! so they glued like this metal button thing on two of my teeth for them..its NOT fun... my aunts feels so bad for doing this to me...she's like "aw Briggitte, will you ever forgive for this."
and im like uhhhhhh.... but i know i will... after all she is my aunt (well actually she's my mothers aunt, all of my aunts are in diff countries) so i can never stay too angry at her for long...

this has turned out to be a really long post...i think i should probably shut up the time you've read up to here, your probably bored...but o well!

love, Briggitte :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Is Almost Gone...

Howdy! how are you all doing?

So recently, i bought, well kinda went on a shopping spree on and now im excited for my things to come in the mail...
i bought:
The I Dream of Jeannie Complete Box Set (you dont know how excited i am to get this)
Desilu: The Story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz (which ive been dying to read for what is it...two years now! well im finally gonna read it!)
and 3 of Barbara Eden's movies:
Harper Valley PTA
The Stranger Withing
The Woman Hunter

Im SOOO excited to get all this...but for now i have to be patient and wait... Grrrrr... :P
anyways, today i finished all of my summer now i can just relax for the rest of aug! yay!
my dad's birthday is approaching, on the 25th, but i already got him a present..i got his these 2 movies on Hitler and WWII...he's into that i think he'll like em! :P

so i have a friend that i grew up with, she's like my sister, and she's turning fifteen as well this sept. our birthdays are 11 days apart... so i got the idea for her present from what i saw someone else do for their "best friend" im gonna make a big poster/collage of everything she likes, things we share, pics of us when we were younger, and things like that, im gonna frame it, and im gonna write something special for her...
ive already begun to pick pictures and things i want to put on it.... its gonna be fun! :)

so over the summer ive figured out that i have a huge guy problem...well not really a problem, its just i tend to like a lot of guys at once....but the thing is that all these guys arent the guys from my school or anything...they're incredible handsome and amazing actors and singers and things... oh yea...ive got a problem...
i could probably fill a whole blog post just with names of the guys i like! :P

anyways...i finally finished my IDOJ story! yay! im really happy at the way it turned out! so if you wanna read the complete story, here's the link to How The Astronaut Came To Marry The Jeannie! enjoy and dont be shy! leave your thoughts! :D
im actually trying to start a new be on the lookout for a new story!

well i think thats enough writing for the me saying "thats enough writing" thats a miracle!

OH I FORGOT! so far, ive read these two amazing books that i would recommend to anyone who likes mystery or romance:

A Howling In The Woods by Velda Johnston
a mystery, suspense, thriller type book that i just LOVED and the movie isnt bad either! ;)

Portrait of Jennie by Robert Nathan
romance, short but sweet book, ive yet to see the movie, but im definitely interested in it!

oh and i read each book all in one day! they make great reads!
well ill say goodbye for now!

love, from Mrs. JR Ewing....

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Well since today is Lucy's 100th birthday , i want to dedicate this post to her....I originally posted this onto tumblr....but i figured it ought to go here too:

Lucille Desiree Ball
August 6th, 1911- April 26th, 1989
Today, August the 6th, in the year 2011, you turn 100. 

You were born in Jamestown, NY to a loving mother and father. Many would agree that your childhood was a bit tough, but it helped shape what an amazing woman you’d become. Losing a father could never be an easy thing, but you found a way to overcome it. You had strength, strength that at such an early age is very uncommon. You took care of your younger brother and you cared for your family.  
You grew up. You began to experience new things. You left the safety and security of your home, to go to New York, to make yourself a career. You didn’t succeed at first, people even told you you could never be an actress, but you kept trying. You did things and took roles that no one would ever dream of thinking about. You didn’t mind being the clown. You liked what you were doing. Your career had begun to get better.
Then, you met him. You met the love of your life. You felt something that you had never felt with anyone else before. You married, you fought, you loved. You realized that you had something unique, you shared something special. It was true love. You couldn’t imagine life without him. The both of you built a safe haven in Chatsworth, California. That was where you spent some of the best years of your life. You both wanted a family, but ran into some troubles along the way. You married once again, under the Catholic church this time, and it happened. You were blessed with a baby girl that your husband lovingly named after you. Lucie Desiree Arnaz. You were the two happiest people on Earth.
You had been successful in your work, but what came next will never be forgotten. A sitcom was born. A very different one. It was based on a wife and a husband and their best friends, their landlords. After many fights, you got your husband to star along side you. “I Love Lucy” as it was called, was what you will be remembered for the most. It was shot on a stage, live, with “the three-headed monster”. You became the star. You probably did not know at the time what that show would mean to so many people. 
You had your second child. A baby boy. Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Ball IV. You were happy again, but things didn’t stay that way. There were terrible fights, tears, insecurities, it just wasn’t working. You didn’t want it to end, but it was too much to take. You divorced. A whole part of your life was gone, and you went through a really hard time. The love you had, it never left you. There was something about that man, that you felt in your heart, that you knew would always be there. You knew you could never stop loving him. You knew he loved you too. You would always love him.
As time passed, you were in other television shows, you were a success. You were admired. Your children grew up, and you re-married. You had found someone, someone you loved as well…as well…you never stopped loving him.
Now, one hundred years later after your birth, we are still celebrating you. You have brought joy, happiness, laughter, and inspiration to our lives. But i want to talk from my heart. My thoughts.
Lucy, you were an incredible woman. Your strength to keep going inspires me. Your talent, work, and personality, can make me feel better, even on the worst of days. But i never got to meet you. I never had the chance to see you with my own eyes, and not through television or books. I never got the chance to send you a letter telling you how much of a fan i am. 
But I’m not sad, I’m not upset. I know that you are in a better place right now, making everyone around you laugh. With “I Love Lucy” and everything else you have done during your life, we have a record here, of you, of your beloved talent, and that is what keeps me happy. 
I’m proud to say that “I Love Lucy” is my favorite television show. I’m proud to say that Lucille Ball is probably my favorite actress. I’m proud to say that even if I never met you, what we have here in this world, makes a connection between us. I’m proud to say, that I truly, love Lucy. Not Lucy Ricardo, Lucy Barker, Lucy Carter, or Lucy Carmichael. But Lucille Desiree Ball.
“‘I Love Lucy’ was never just a title.” Desi was right, it never was.
Rest In Peace 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Wow i haven't written in a VERY long time... so sorry...

well yesterday i went to a water park! oh yea! it was FUN! It's called Raging Waters and it's in San Dimas, CA and its "the biggest water park in California!". It wasn't my first time going, but i hadn't been there in a while, so if was fun to go again. I went with my best friend(the one i do everything with), her dad, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend. It was like going with my own family! :D

we went on all the rides, except for like a drop-out one that isn't really my style. but other than that we went on everything except this one that had too big of a line to wait in...we got home, ate yummy pasta and salad that my friend's mom made us, and then sat down to watch a movie....i think the only reason we didn't knock out then and there was that we all crashed in the i guess we caught up on sleep there...

now, i can feel the side-effects of the trip...and boy, there not nice! my arms and my back are if someone had puts shots all over my arms...its not nice. this morning i was feeling terrible, so i called my aunt and told her i didn't feel good and that i wouldn't go to work aunt's an artist and i help her out at her studio. Kline Academy of Fine Art...but i had to go to my moms work to get these buttons re-put on my teeth for my i ended up going to Zumba class... now its painful enough without having a sore body, but today was just torture! the only good thing that came out of the class was that there were two new guys there...and one was really cute! ;P but it wasn't until i got in the car after class with my mom that she told me that the one i thought was cute was looking at me a couple times during the class.... personally, i doubt it, because i was looking at him half the time and we never met gazes, so i don't think he was.... but i mean you never know! ;D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Really Hate That!

So today i went to always....
My friend joined and its been fun..but apparently, we are now doing exercises... like crunches and squats, and stuff for your abs...
i like the class, i like the dancing, and i like to feel like i'm exercising...but now that we've recently started this, i don't wanna go back. You see my friend is a soccer player and she's super fit! and from what i can tell, doing the ab exercises don't bother her a bit...she does it sooo easily because she's done it a lot at her practices. This is fine! my only problem is that my abs aren't as strong as her...not nearly as strong...and i feel kinda embarrassed to not be able to do the things that she can do....For example, today we were doing these things where you had to lay on the floor and hold your feet up in different positions(toes pointed, pigeon toed, and clown feet) and i was proud of myself because i held up my legs the amount of time we were supposed to and i felt accomplished because i couldn't the last time, and i succeeded in it this time. Well i was happy until we started doing these things where you lay on the floor and your partner stands right over your head, you grab their ankles and they push your legs and your supposed to keep them straight and not let them touch the floor and bring them back up...well she went first and she did the 20 it was my turn to get on the wasn't as easy for me and the teacher came over and was doing mine and counting and i barely was able to complete it...meanwhile, everyone else had stopped doing there's to cheer me on...this would have been showed that i had support from these people, but it just made me feel terrible because i felt like they were doing it to console me. I was super embarrassed and i almost cried, BUT i didn't! and to top it all off, my mom had to shoot off her mouth and make it known to everyone that i'm not in shape at the moment. I mean, yeah im not! I'm not running miles a day, but I'm healthy! I'm not overweight, i just don't currently play sports. My mom is hung up on the fact that i don't play sports. She tells everyone, and i mean everyone(she told a guy that was sitting with us in a Jacuzzi) that i don't like sports! I have never in my life said i don't like sports. I do like sports! i used to play soccer, but i stopped. She always compares me to my friend saying that i should be playing soccer like her, but the truth is, i know i would never dedicate myself to playing soccer like she does. She's an amazing player and she practices and everything. I on the other hand, would prefer to read books. I don't understand why my mom automatically assumes that i don't like sports. Its really embarrassing when she tells someone i don't like sports and i'm just standing there like "uh yes i do! i just don't want to pursue them like i know a lot of people do." I don't know, maybe this all doesn't make sense, maybe its just me feeling bad about myself that's making me write this, but i know one thing...i do feel better now after i got this all out of my system.
I hope i won't post like this again soon, but anyways, thanks for reading....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


okay, so i have a huge problem....not a teeny-weeny problem, but like a BIG, HUGE one!!!!
So i'm supposed to have  a quince in Mexico this December right? Well the date of the party, which has been already picked, is December 17. We picked this date because usually every year, we get out on the friday before the week of Christmas and have two weeks off, so we can celebrate New Years and then go back to school...Well today, i decided to go on the school website to download all the paper my mom needs to sign for registration and everything...and i decided to look up the school calendar for next year....
Well what i saw didnt please fact, it almost gave me a heart attack!
it turns out we get out for vacation on December 26th and come back January 9th...

it means that i'm still in school when i'm supposed to be in Mexico for my party....i dont know what we are going to...sometimes i wish we could just have the party here.....but no, my family have planned it since i was like 10 to have it there, and i really doubt there is any way of getting out of it.....

I dont wanna miss that much school....i really dont! i dont care if i have to give up the party, im willing to make that sacrifice, i just really dont want to miss school....i didnt miss 1 day this year! i had perfect attendance...i didnt get sick or anything..... and i want to keep it that way!!! i dont know what im gonna do....

im gonna talk with my parents tonight and see what we can do! ill keep you guys posted....

thanks for listening  to my troubles....byeeee

Monday, July 18, 2011

Computer Blues

So, my dad thought it would be just magnificent to take my computer power chord and use it to replace his lost one, so my computer was off all weekend! That's a lot of time...the good thing that came out of it was that i got to get ahead with my reading for school and annotating. I've got less than 100 pages to go in To Kill a Mockingbird and I'm rather sad that it has to end!

Today my friend and I went to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) to go see a Tim Burton exhibit! It was AMAZING! okay, i feel like i'm using the word "amazing" a lot....does anyone know any good synonyms? Anyways, it consisted of a lot of his artwork, sketches, paintings, and movie props! It was sooooo cool! There was this one room where the art was in like neon colors and glow in the dark colors and they put a black light on it and it was so cool! A bit creepy, but cool. That's how his work is, its a bit demented and strange, and sometimes grotesque, but if you examine it carefully, you notice how artistic it all is! It really impressed me! He is also very funny! He puts captions on some of his drawings and they're hilarious! I enjoyed myself a lot!

a big plus! there was a lot of Johnny Depp stuff!!! like the Edward Scissorhands outfit, the gloves, the angora sweater from Ed Wood, the head gear from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and things like that.... it was fun! :)

I'm tired now.... oh! i saw this movie, called The Male Animal, with Henry Fonda and Olivia de Havilland! it was hilarious! I have a huge crush on Henry Fonda! he's just such an amazing actor! i mean have you not seen 12 Angry Men?!?!!? and if i could recommend a should see The Big Street. it starts Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda, now this isnt a comedy....SHOCKER i know.... i thought she did a really good job portraying her character in this movie.... It was said to be one of her best acting performances.... i would really go and check it out if i were you! 

Well im sleepy now! Good Night everyone!
oh and if your waiting for the next chap of my story, im sorry that its taken so long, but like i said before, i havent been able to be on the computer much, but im hoping by tommorow that i will have Chapter 5 up! 
Thanks a lot guys for reading!

Friday, July 15, 2011

How Well You Know Me Quiz

well last night i thought of the idea of making a quiz about how well someone knows me...i will be giving it to my parents later today and ill see how it goes...

my friend Courtney(<<< you should check out her YouTube page!!! its fantastic!) has already taken it and she got a 7 1/2 out of 10 !!! thats really good! she thought she failed! :P

well anyways.... here's the quiz if you wanna check it out!

Multiple Choice:
1) What is my favorite book?
            A. A Book by Desi Arnaz                             B. Love, Lucy by Lucille Ball
            C. Jeannie Out of the Bottle by                   D. Other
                 Barbara Eden
2) Who is my favorite MALE singer?
            A. Dean Martin                                             B. Desi Arnaz
            C. Frank Sinatra                                           D. Elvis Presley
3) What is my favorite TV Show?
            A. I Dream Of Jeannie                                 B. Bones
            C. I Love Lucy                                              D. House
4) Who is my favorite FEMALE singer?
            A. Barbara Eden                                           B. Doris Day
            C. Judy Garland                                            D. Christina Aguilera
5) Who is my favorite Kennedy brother?
            A. Joe Jr.                                                        B. Jack
            C. Bobby                                                        D. Teddy
6) Who is my favorite famous couple? (real or fiction)
            A. Booth and Brennan                                  B. Lucy and Desi
            C. Jack and Jackie                                        D. Tony and Jeannie
7) What is my favorite food?
            A. Cuban                                                        B. Italian
            C. Mexican                                                     D. Colombian
Short Answer:
8) What is my goal to have done by the end of this summer?

9) What is the name of the musical I saw last summer and fell in love with?

10) Who are the two present day actors I like the most?

Bonus Question:
What event in history would I most like to see?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Day At Cedars!

Wow...i feel terrible...I haven't written for an entire week! I'm sorry!!!

Well now let me get you up to speed! My invisalign is bearable now...although i hate not being able to snack whenever i want to...i mean i could...but then id have to go take them off and the brush my teeth afterwards...yea no, im too lazy for that! At least they don;'t hurt much anymore!

I finished the 6th Harry Potter and im gonna be moving on to the 7th(and last!) whenever i get it from the library...and i also finished reading Larry Hagman's autobiography Hello Darlin': Tall( and absolutely true) Tales About My Life. Oh boy! was that book entertaining! i recommend it if you wanna read a book thats entertaining and hard to put down...oh! and it'll make you laugh...a lot!

have i mentioned i'm going to try to memorize all of the American presidents by the end of the summer? if i havent...i will and if i have... im proud to tell you that i have memorized all of the first 10 presidents...ahhahha

Well anyways...getting to the point about what this post was really going to be about: TODAY WAS MY FIRST DAY AT CEDARS-SINAI!!!!! We were only there for two hours....but it was an orientation that took us to the part of the hospital we'll be working at....I'm in the surgical recovery section....of course i wont be able to disclose any info about the hospital or its patients....but im very excited!!! i am able to tell you that its going to be a lot of fun and i start my four hour shifts next Thursday!!! :D

As for the Zumba...we're still doing it and ive gotten to the points where i know most of the routines already and i know the lyrics to the songs....then again that could be due to the fact that i'm really good with remembering song lyrics... :P

well heres the fourth chapter of my latest story if you feel inclined to check it out:

As for me...ive had a long gonna hit the hay!
Nitey-Night, Sleep Tight, Dont Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


So as the title suggest....i got invisalign today... OH BOY!
lemme tell you, the actual trays don't bother at all! its the button thing-y's that they put on that bother....they have to like shave down your tooth a bit and put on this stuff...which smelled like the nail salon to me... :P...and use like a laser thing to harden it....and then your stuck with these bumps on your teeth...yea...not fun....
the trays make your teeth feel kinda soft.... but its annoying that you can't eat or drink with the trays in....and for me....the trays are HARD to take off!!!!
grrr....and guess what....I have to wear them until i'm 17!!! yea! not fun! not fun AT ALL!!!! 
well i have to go...we have our 2nd Zumba class today...HOORAY!!! :/
anyways...i just posted up the 2nd chapter of my story so go check it out please!
bye bye!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


okay so today we went to our first Zumba it was an hour long right? it felt like 1/2 hour and it was kinda fun...i mean you A LOT...but its exercise right? it was interesting...i dont know if i would say i love it....but i dont know...tomorrow is our second class... so we'll see if i wake up soar or not...i hope not... :P

Well i posted up a new story...It's The Addams Family....mainly based on the 60's TV show and not the movies...but well i guess fans of the movies could like it too... here's the link to it if you want to check it means a lot to me to know that some people actually like my writing so if you do check it out...dont be shy to leave me a review! good or bad i dont really care....
i will be posting the second chapter maybe if you do read wont have to wait a long time.

Oh and my aunt gave me a HUGE Bette Davis book!!! yea!!! im soooo excited to read it!!! but i have to finish the one I'm reading, read Harry Potter 6, the autobiography of Larry Hagman, so it might take time to getting to...but knowing me...i read fast and ill get to it quick....

so have a good rest of the week everyone!
SWAK <3 

and again..please check out my story!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

About The Author

I appreciate anyone who is reading this blog, but i don't think they really know here's some information...
Shoe Size: 8 or 8 1/2 depending on the shoe
Do you Smoke: Never
Do you Drink: Never
Do you Take Drugs: NEVER
Age you get mistaken for: um like 17 or 18...some people have asked me what college i go to!
Have Tattoos: nope
Want any Tattoos: NOPE... I.DON'T.LIKE.NEEDLES.
Have Piercings: yes, ears
Want any Piercings: not really
Best Friend:i have one really close friend...we've grown up together since pre-school...but i have like 3 or 4 that i would trust my life with
Relationship Status: Single
Favorite Movie:i have way too many to count...i don't think i really have a favorite
Someone You Miss:a lot of my family that don't live in the state i do 
Most traumatic experience:being chased out of an amusement park by a clown with a chainsaw (Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood)
A fact about your personality: people think i'm quite, but when i'm comfortable around the people i'm with, i'm not afraid to say anything
What I want to be when I get older: Doctor
My relationship with my sibling(s): Don't have any... :(
My relationship with my parents:really good...there's a lot of trust in it
My idea of a perfect date: dinner, like that
My biggest pet peeves: when people pretend to be someone they're not
A description of the boy/girl I like: i don't currently like anyone
A description of the person I dislike the most: i'm never mad at anyone long enough to really dislike them
A reason I’ve lied to a friend: to not hurt their feelings
What I hate most about school: how its sooo divided and clique-y
What my last text message says: i don't remember...i haven't had a phone for like 3 months
A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly at 11:11: to go on a trip to DC
What I find attractive in boys: good personality, funny, make you feel good about yourself
Where I would like to live: Italy
One of my insecurities: how i look sometimes
My childhood career choice: Doctor
My favorite ice cream: cookie dough
Who I wish I could be: someone who was born late 40's and lived through the 50's and 60's as teenager here in America
Where I want to be right now: In my bed, reading a book, or in DC
The last thing I ate: dinner...some sausage, rice, green beans
Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: James Dean and Johnny Depp (whoa both their initials are JD...hmmmm?)
Random Fact: Desi Arnaz and John F. Kennedy were both born in 1917, Desi in March, Jack in May