Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Just Wonderful...

So yes, today was the assembly! and yes! i had a blast!
okay lets start from the beginning!

So I've been having this on and off again cold thing which is really just a cough and it kinda came back and now its just annoying and i was coughing yesterday during rehearsal and i was so scared id cough today during the run....but thankfully my chest and lungs agreed with me and decided to not let me cough a lot onstage! :)

Anyways, so i haven't been feeling my best, but that's okay...because we got to school at like 7:10ish which is really, REALLY early for me, but whatever...We did a run through, and i was just nervous for that...but we got through it pretty well...the chair flip things we do from our Tell-Tale Heart scene weren't coming out that well when we were rehearsing so i was kinda nervous about that.

Our school does assemblies kind of weird...well i think its weird... since they're usually on Wednesdays, its usually minimum day, which means we get out at 1:03 instead of our regular 3:00pm.So how our school does it is that you go see the assembly with your third period teacher. You either have first assembly or second assembly. That means because we have so many people at our school, about 2,000+ you cant all fit into our auditorium at the same time, you have to do it separately. So the whole day is 20 minute classes with your third period being like an hour and something so that you can go see the assembly. Which i mean is fine by me, but having to perform twice was kind of bad... i got nervous more for the second assembly though, because i knew a lot of people who go as the audience in second assembly because that's when my teacher takes us.

Well we got through it!!! PERFECTLY! IT WAS GREAT! so exhilarating! Everyone else in the other departments (dance, music, art, film) they did great too! And so after the assembly people were telling us like "oh you did great" and stuff like that and that made me happy, but what made me the happiest was that on my way to my last class, i stopped by my Spanish teacher's room because i wanted to say hi and see what i had missed from class and my old Spanish teacher from last year was there too and so it was nice to talk to both of them. That made my day, talking to them, because they're like "wow you were great!" and stuff like that and i was like "oh thank you" but what made me happy was that my teacher said something along the lines of "oh yeah, your performance (the skit) was probably my favorite part of the assembly" and my old Spanish teacher agreed with him and my teacher was saying that we did a good job with the chair flips and my old Spanish teacher said that it looked very well rehearsed and very well put together and i told them that we made it to finals with that scene at a theater competition and they were very impressed and it just made me happy. OH YEAH! this was all going on in Spanish of course! XD Also, i found it funny, that two guy teachers were talking not talking...GOSSIPING about their students..which i found hilarious! but that's okay, because they're fetch enough to do it! XD to do my homework...

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  1. Go Darlin'! I'm so proud of you! And wow, you have that many people at your school? Dang. O.O