Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Wow i haven't written in a VERY long time... so sorry...

well yesterday i went to a water park! oh yea! it was FUN! It's called Raging Waters and it's in San Dimas, CA and its "the biggest water park in California!". It wasn't my first time going, but i hadn't been there in a while, so if was fun to go again. I went with my best friend(the one i do everything with), her dad, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend. It was like going with my own family! :D

we went on all the rides, except for like a drop-out one that isn't really my style. but other than that we went on everything except this one that had too big of a line to wait in...we got home, ate yummy pasta and salad that my friend's mom made us, and then sat down to watch a movie....i think the only reason we didn't knock out then and there was that we all crashed in the i guess we caught up on sleep there...

now, i can feel the side-effects of the trip...and boy, there not nice! my arms and my back are if someone had puts shots all over my arms...its not nice. this morning i was feeling terrible, so i called my aunt and told her i didn't feel good and that i wouldn't go to work aunt's an artist and i help her out at her studio. Kline Academy of Fine Art...but i had to go to my moms work to get these buttons re-put on my teeth for my i ended up going to Zumba class... now its painful enough without having a sore body, but today was just torture! the only good thing that came out of the class was that there were two new guys there...and one was really cute! ;P but it wasn't until i got in the car after class with my mom that she told me that the one i thought was cute was looking at me a couple times during the class.... personally, i doubt it, because i was looking at him half the time and we never met gazes, so i don't think he was.... but i mean you never know! ;D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Really Hate That!

So today i went to always....
My friend joined and its been fun..but apparently, we are now doing exercises... like crunches and squats, and stuff for your abs...
i like the class, i like the dancing, and i like to feel like i'm exercising...but now that we've recently started this, i don't wanna go back. You see my friend is a soccer player and she's super fit! and from what i can tell, doing the ab exercises don't bother her a bit...she does it sooo easily because she's done it a lot at her practices. This is fine! my only problem is that my abs aren't as strong as her...not nearly as strong...and i feel kinda embarrassed to not be able to do the things that she can do....For example, today we were doing these things where you had to lay on the floor and hold your feet up in different positions(toes pointed, pigeon toed, and clown feet) and i was proud of myself because i held up my legs the amount of time we were supposed to and i felt accomplished because i couldn't the last time, and i succeeded in it this time. Well i was happy until we started doing these things where you lay on the floor and your partner stands right over your head, you grab their ankles and they push your legs and your supposed to keep them straight and not let them touch the floor and bring them back up...well she went first and she did the 20 it was my turn to get on the wasn't as easy for me and the teacher came over and was doing mine and counting and i barely was able to complete it...meanwhile, everyone else had stopped doing there's to cheer me on...this would have been showed that i had support from these people, but it just made me feel terrible because i felt like they were doing it to console me. I was super embarrassed and i almost cried, BUT i didn't! and to top it all off, my mom had to shoot off her mouth and make it known to everyone that i'm not in shape at the moment. I mean, yeah im not! I'm not running miles a day, but I'm healthy! I'm not overweight, i just don't currently play sports. My mom is hung up on the fact that i don't play sports. She tells everyone, and i mean everyone(she told a guy that was sitting with us in a Jacuzzi) that i don't like sports! I have never in my life said i don't like sports. I do like sports! i used to play soccer, but i stopped. She always compares me to my friend saying that i should be playing soccer like her, but the truth is, i know i would never dedicate myself to playing soccer like she does. She's an amazing player and she practices and everything. I on the other hand, would prefer to read books. I don't understand why my mom automatically assumes that i don't like sports. Its really embarrassing when she tells someone i don't like sports and i'm just standing there like "uh yes i do! i just don't want to pursue them like i know a lot of people do." I don't know, maybe this all doesn't make sense, maybe its just me feeling bad about myself that's making me write this, but i know one thing...i do feel better now after i got this all out of my system.
I hope i won't post like this again soon, but anyways, thanks for reading....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


okay, so i have a huge problem....not a teeny-weeny problem, but like a BIG, HUGE one!!!!
So i'm supposed to have  a quince in Mexico this December right? Well the date of the party, which has been already picked, is December 17. We picked this date because usually every year, we get out on the friday before the week of Christmas and have two weeks off, so we can celebrate New Years and then go back to school...Well today, i decided to go on the school website to download all the paper my mom needs to sign for registration and everything...and i decided to look up the school calendar for next year....
Well what i saw didnt please fact, it almost gave me a heart attack!
it turns out we get out for vacation on December 26th and come back January 9th...

it means that i'm still in school when i'm supposed to be in Mexico for my party....i dont know what we are going to...sometimes i wish we could just have the party here.....but no, my family have planned it since i was like 10 to have it there, and i really doubt there is any way of getting out of it.....

I dont wanna miss that much school....i really dont! i dont care if i have to give up the party, im willing to make that sacrifice, i just really dont want to miss school....i didnt miss 1 day this year! i had perfect attendance...i didnt get sick or anything..... and i want to keep it that way!!! i dont know what im gonna do....

im gonna talk with my parents tonight and see what we can do! ill keep you guys posted....

thanks for listening  to my troubles....byeeee

Monday, July 18, 2011

Computer Blues

So, my dad thought it would be just magnificent to take my computer power chord and use it to replace his lost one, so my computer was off all weekend! That's a lot of time...the good thing that came out of it was that i got to get ahead with my reading for school and annotating. I've got less than 100 pages to go in To Kill a Mockingbird and I'm rather sad that it has to end!

Today my friend and I went to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) to go see a Tim Burton exhibit! It was AMAZING! okay, i feel like i'm using the word "amazing" a lot....does anyone know any good synonyms? Anyways, it consisted of a lot of his artwork, sketches, paintings, and movie props! It was sooooo cool! There was this one room where the art was in like neon colors and glow in the dark colors and they put a black light on it and it was so cool! A bit creepy, but cool. That's how his work is, its a bit demented and strange, and sometimes grotesque, but if you examine it carefully, you notice how artistic it all is! It really impressed me! He is also very funny! He puts captions on some of his drawings and they're hilarious! I enjoyed myself a lot!

a big plus! there was a lot of Johnny Depp stuff!!! like the Edward Scissorhands outfit, the gloves, the angora sweater from Ed Wood, the head gear from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and things like that.... it was fun! :)

I'm tired now.... oh! i saw this movie, called The Male Animal, with Henry Fonda and Olivia de Havilland! it was hilarious! I have a huge crush on Henry Fonda! he's just such an amazing actor! i mean have you not seen 12 Angry Men?!?!!? and if i could recommend a should see The Big Street. it starts Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda, now this isnt a comedy....SHOCKER i know.... i thought she did a really good job portraying her character in this movie.... It was said to be one of her best acting performances.... i would really go and check it out if i were you! 

Well im sleepy now! Good Night everyone!
oh and if your waiting for the next chap of my story, im sorry that its taken so long, but like i said before, i havent been able to be on the computer much, but im hoping by tommorow that i will have Chapter 5 up! 
Thanks a lot guys for reading!

Friday, July 15, 2011

How Well You Know Me Quiz

well last night i thought of the idea of making a quiz about how well someone knows me...i will be giving it to my parents later today and ill see how it goes...

my friend Courtney(<<< you should check out her YouTube page!!! its fantastic!) has already taken it and she got a 7 1/2 out of 10 !!! thats really good! she thought she failed! :P

well anyways.... here's the quiz if you wanna check it out!

Multiple Choice:
1) What is my favorite book?
            A. A Book by Desi Arnaz                             B. Love, Lucy by Lucille Ball
            C. Jeannie Out of the Bottle by                   D. Other
                 Barbara Eden
2) Who is my favorite MALE singer?
            A. Dean Martin                                             B. Desi Arnaz
            C. Frank Sinatra                                           D. Elvis Presley
3) What is my favorite TV Show?
            A. I Dream Of Jeannie                                 B. Bones
            C. I Love Lucy                                              D. House
4) Who is my favorite FEMALE singer?
            A. Barbara Eden                                           B. Doris Day
            C. Judy Garland                                            D. Christina Aguilera
5) Who is my favorite Kennedy brother?
            A. Joe Jr.                                                        B. Jack
            C. Bobby                                                        D. Teddy
6) Who is my favorite famous couple? (real or fiction)
            A. Booth and Brennan                                  B. Lucy and Desi
            C. Jack and Jackie                                        D. Tony and Jeannie
7) What is my favorite food?
            A. Cuban                                                        B. Italian
            C. Mexican                                                     D. Colombian
Short Answer:
8) What is my goal to have done by the end of this summer?

9) What is the name of the musical I saw last summer and fell in love with?

10) Who are the two present day actors I like the most?

Bonus Question:
What event in history would I most like to see?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Day At Cedars!

Wow...i feel terrible...I haven't written for an entire week! I'm sorry!!!

Well now let me get you up to speed! My invisalign is bearable now...although i hate not being able to snack whenever i want to...i mean i could...but then id have to go take them off and the brush my teeth afterwards...yea no, im too lazy for that! At least they don;'t hurt much anymore!

I finished the 6th Harry Potter and im gonna be moving on to the 7th(and last!) whenever i get it from the library...and i also finished reading Larry Hagman's autobiography Hello Darlin': Tall( and absolutely true) Tales About My Life. Oh boy! was that book entertaining! i recommend it if you wanna read a book thats entertaining and hard to put down...oh! and it'll make you laugh...a lot!

have i mentioned i'm going to try to memorize all of the American presidents by the end of the summer? if i havent...i will and if i have... im proud to tell you that i have memorized all of the first 10 presidents...ahhahha

Well anyways...getting to the point about what this post was really going to be about: TODAY WAS MY FIRST DAY AT CEDARS-SINAI!!!!! We were only there for two hours....but it was an orientation that took us to the part of the hospital we'll be working at....I'm in the surgical recovery section....of course i wont be able to disclose any info about the hospital or its patients....but im very excited!!! i am able to tell you that its going to be a lot of fun and i start my four hour shifts next Thursday!!! :D

As for the Zumba...we're still doing it and ive gotten to the points where i know most of the routines already and i know the lyrics to the songs....then again that could be due to the fact that i'm really good with remembering song lyrics... :P

well heres the fourth chapter of my latest story if you feel inclined to check it out:

As for me...ive had a long gonna hit the hay!
Nitey-Night, Sleep Tight, Dont Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


So as the title suggest....i got invisalign today... OH BOY!
lemme tell you, the actual trays don't bother at all! its the button thing-y's that they put on that bother....they have to like shave down your tooth a bit and put on this stuff...which smelled like the nail salon to me... :P...and use like a laser thing to harden it....and then your stuck with these bumps on your teeth...yea...not fun....
the trays make your teeth feel kinda soft.... but its annoying that you can't eat or drink with the trays in....and for me....the trays are HARD to take off!!!!
grrr....and guess what....I have to wear them until i'm 17!!! yea! not fun! not fun AT ALL!!!! 
well i have to go...we have our 2nd Zumba class today...HOORAY!!! :/
anyways...i just posted up the 2nd chapter of my story so go check it out please!
bye bye!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


okay so today we went to our first Zumba it was an hour long right? it felt like 1/2 hour and it was kinda fun...i mean you A LOT...but its exercise right? it was interesting...i dont know if i would say i love it....but i dont know...tomorrow is our second class... so we'll see if i wake up soar or not...i hope not... :P

Well i posted up a new story...It's The Addams Family....mainly based on the 60's TV show and not the movies...but well i guess fans of the movies could like it too... here's the link to it if you want to check it means a lot to me to know that some people actually like my writing so if you do check it out...dont be shy to leave me a review! good or bad i dont really care....
i will be posting the second chapter maybe if you do read wont have to wait a long time.

Oh and my aunt gave me a HUGE Bette Davis book!!! yea!!! im soooo excited to read it!!! but i have to finish the one I'm reading, read Harry Potter 6, the autobiography of Larry Hagman, so it might take time to getting to...but knowing me...i read fast and ill get to it quick....

so have a good rest of the week everyone!
SWAK <3 

and again..please check out my story!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

About The Author

I appreciate anyone who is reading this blog, but i don't think they really know here's some information...
Shoe Size: 8 or 8 1/2 depending on the shoe
Do you Smoke: Never
Do you Drink: Never
Do you Take Drugs: NEVER
Age you get mistaken for: um like 17 or 18...some people have asked me what college i go to!
Have Tattoos: nope
Want any Tattoos: NOPE... I.DON'T.LIKE.NEEDLES.
Have Piercings: yes, ears
Want any Piercings: not really
Best Friend:i have one really close friend...we've grown up together since pre-school...but i have like 3 or 4 that i would trust my life with
Relationship Status: Single
Favorite Movie:i have way too many to count...i don't think i really have a favorite
Someone You Miss:a lot of my family that don't live in the state i do 
Most traumatic experience:being chased out of an amusement park by a clown with a chainsaw (Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood)
A fact about your personality: people think i'm quite, but when i'm comfortable around the people i'm with, i'm not afraid to say anything
What I want to be when I get older: Doctor
My relationship with my sibling(s): Don't have any... :(
My relationship with my parents:really good...there's a lot of trust in it
My idea of a perfect date: dinner, like that
My biggest pet peeves: when people pretend to be someone they're not
A description of the boy/girl I like: i don't currently like anyone
A description of the person I dislike the most: i'm never mad at anyone long enough to really dislike them
A reason I’ve lied to a friend: to not hurt their feelings
What I hate most about school: how its sooo divided and clique-y
What my last text message says: i don't remember...i haven't had a phone for like 3 months
A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly at 11:11: to go on a trip to DC
What I find attractive in boys: good personality, funny, make you feel good about yourself
Where I would like to live: Italy
One of my insecurities: how i look sometimes
My childhood career choice: Doctor
My favorite ice cream: cookie dough
Who I wish I could be: someone who was born late 40's and lived through the 50's and 60's as teenager here in America
Where I want to be right now: In my bed, reading a book, or in DC
The last thing I ate: dinner...some sausage, rice, green beans
Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: James Dean and Johnny Depp (whoa both their initials are JD...hmmmm?)
Random Fact: Desi Arnaz and John F. Kennedy were both born in 1917, Desi in March, Jack in May

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Well this is just a short little post to any of my readers out there...
Happy 4th of July! hope you guys have a fun time at whatever you're doing today! Me? I'm going to my aunts house like usual! :)

Well since it is 4th of's a picture of my favorite President..... enjoy!

Oh yeah! be jealous of those Ray-Bans! :D

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I LOVE my family!!!

okay so today we went out to a dance lesson place across my mom's office...and met with the teacher and we will be starting Zumba dancing lessons there...for those of you who don't know what Zumba is...its well lemme quote from the flyer: "features exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats!" "I'ts easy to do and an effective and totally exhilarating workout" oh boy...when it says exhiliration...its not kidding! those people moved sooo burn 1000 calories a class...yea 1000!!! so thats what I'll be doing 3x a week now....if i dont post anytime next'll know that I've probably died of exhaustion or something....anyways...were doing that and the teacher is going to show me and my father how to waltz to our waltz(the other class we went to was WAYYYY too expensive) and she might teach me to swing!!! and she's going to teach me and my friend how to dance the Hot Honey Rag from Chicago for my quince!!!! :)
So it's HOT in the high 70's low 80's F. and me and my dad headed down to the pool to tan...well it was kinda there wasn't a lot of sun, but we still stayed down there for a the mean time my mom went to the market to by meat for the BBQ we're going to have tomorrow and so when we got back up, they began cooking...and my dad made me DELICIOUS guacamole...Now i don't wanna brag or anything, but in my family, my dad is known to make some MEAN it was yummy....and while they were both cooking...we BLASTED a Celia Cruz CD and we were enjoying ourselves...this night pretty much describes our life!!! 
i LOVE my family!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm Sorry!!!

Wow..i haven't written in a long time....i'm sorry!!!
but as promised...i will share what has happened to me in the past couple of days...
okay so on night i went with my dad for waltz lessons at this learn the waltz for my quinceanera....apparently, the waltz we one of the hardest, fastest, and most dangerous waltzes there is.... :/ for my first waltz!!! its the Viennese Waltz if your interested in what it sounds's the link for our song: was pretty fun ill keep you posted if i break my ankle or something! hahaha
Well my friend came over on Wednesday and slept over for Thursday and we went to work with my mom and visited the La Brea Tar Pits... lemme tell you...not the most exciting museum you can go to...but it took up....originally, we were going to go to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)...they have a Tim Burton exhibit right now....and it looks amazing...and we wanted to go....but apparently the museum doesn't open until 12pm.... so we were stuck with the tar pits.... yay! *sarcastically*
Well like i said last time...i was gonna get invisalign, but apparently i have to wait till NEXT Thursday because they need time to put these little buttons on my teeth to keep the trays from falling out....or something....i really don't know...but anyways...i have till Thursday to chew gum! yay!!!
So i finished Macbeth today!!! we have to read 2 books over summer and Macbeth was one of them...i dont remember if i've already mentioned this or not...but i will anyways.... the other one is To Kill A Mockingbird...I've already read To Kill A Mockingbird and i loved i don't mind reading it again...but i really don't like Macbeth...i guess Shakespeare just isn't my style....but i'm sooooo happy i'm done with it!
 Ummm i don't know what else to tell you....i haven't really been doing anything so oh! i might start writing another'll probably be another I Dream of Jeannie or maybe i'll finish my The Addams Family, which i started a LONG time ago.... i'll see.... well in the meantime... here's the first chapter of personally my favorite story that i've please enjoy!:

I wrote this story because this is the best couple in the world…hope you readers like it!

It was a chilly night in New York, around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. Ricky had just finished a short night down at the club and was walking home. The moon was full; it reminded him of all the beautiful nights in Cuba. He sighed; he was feeling a bit homesick. He began remembering his home and his family and began walking in somewhat of a trance. When he reached the street corner, the trance was broken by a scream. He jumped and looked around t o see where it was coming from. He was that in an ally, a big man, some what twice his size, was trying to snatch a gorgeous red-head's purse. His fighting instincts kicked in and he ran to help. He beat the guy up successfully and got the purse that was now lying on the ground. He turned and saw that the girl was in a state of shock. He took his coat off and wrapped it around her.
"Everythin' is okay now." He said in a thick Latin accent. Then, he saw that she was bleeding. The guy must have had a knife or something sharp because she had a cut on her right arm. He got his handkerchief and wrapped it. "He's gone, it's okay."
"Y-yeah." A shaky voice came from the girl.
"What's your name?" he asked
"L-lucille m-m-McGillicudy." She was stuttering.
"My name is Enrique Ricardo, but you can call me Ricky. Listen I need to get you somewhere warm or we'll freeze. My apartment is just a few blocks over, is it okay if I take you there?" he asked and she nodded in response.
"Do you think you can walk?" he tried to pull her up, but she was still in shock. "Okay, never mind."
He picked her up in his arms and she buried her face in the crook of his neck. He carried her to his apartment.

Inside the apartment, Ricky turned on all of the lights and set Lucille down on the couch. He covered her legs with a blanket, and he went to his bedroom to get his emergency kit. When he came back out he noticed Lucille was no where in sight. Then, he heard the water in the bathroom running. He walked to the bathroom and stood at the door looking at her.
She was washing herself when she noticed a presence. She looked up at the mirror and saw that Ricky was looking at her. She smiled.
"What did you say your name was?" she said.
"Ricky, Ricky Ricardo. Maybe you've heard of me? I sing at The Tropicana." He gave her his best show business smile.
"Oh yes." She looked him up and down. "Hmm, not bad" she thought to herself, "kinda cute too."
"Um, these are for you." He said when he broke the silence. He handed her some bandages and rubbing alcohol.
"Thanks." She smiled, but as she lifted her arm she whimpered. It hurt…A LOT.
"Here, let me." He said as he looked at her arm. "If you dunt mind?" he raised an eyebrow.
"It's okay." She smiled warmly.
"This is gonna sting a little." He warned Lucille before he poured some alcohol on the cut. She nodded and he poured a little on her arm. She flinched and took in a deep breath. "There. All done." He smiled as he began wrapping the wound.
"Can I ask you something?"
"Sure, as long as I get to ask you somethin' after."
"Deal." She grinned. "Where are you from? You have some sort of Latin accent, but I just can't place it."
"Cuba." He said. "My turn." He smiled. "I hope you dunt mind me askin' but is your hair really that red?"
She sighed. She knew this question was going to come sooner or later. "No. If you really must know, I'm a brunette by birth, but one day I guess I got tired of brown so I decided to dye it red. I have been doing it ever since."
"It looks good." He smiled as he complimented her.
"Well thank you, Ricky." She liked the sound of his name coming from her mouth. He did too.
They stood in the bathroom, just looking at each other, both realizing that Ricky had finished bandaging her arm a while ago.
"Um…it's getting late. I think I should go." She said as she turned to the door.
"Wait a minute." He frowned. "You can't really 'spect me to let you walk home alone after what happened to you tonight." He said as he stepped in front of her.
"Oh, nonsense, I'll grab a taxi." She smiled. She enjoyed the attention she was getting from the handsome young man.
"No. Let me walk you home." He smiled and she couldn't refuse him.
"Oh alright."
If you want to read the rest of the story....please click on this link:
if you care to review the story...and share your thoughts on it....i would love it sooo much and i would be VERY thankful!!!! thank you!