Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Wow i haven't written in a VERY long time... so sorry...

well yesterday i went to a water park! oh yea! it was FUN! It's called Raging Waters and it's in San Dimas, CA and its "the biggest water park in California!". It wasn't my first time going, but i hadn't been there in a while, so if was fun to go again. I went with my best friend(the one i do everything with), her dad, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend. It was like going with my own family! :D

we went on all the rides, except for like a drop-out one that isn't really my style. but other than that we went on everything except this one that had too big of a line to wait in...we got home, ate yummy pasta and salad that my friend's mom made us, and then sat down to watch a movie....i think the only reason we didn't knock out then and there was that we all crashed in the i guess we caught up on sleep there...

now, i can feel the side-effects of the trip...and boy, there not nice! my arms and my back are if someone had puts shots all over my arms...its not nice. this morning i was feeling terrible, so i called my aunt and told her i didn't feel good and that i wouldn't go to work aunt's an artist and i help her out at her studio. Kline Academy of Fine Art...but i had to go to my moms work to get these buttons re-put on my teeth for my i ended up going to Zumba class... now its painful enough without having a sore body, but today was just torture! the only good thing that came out of the class was that there were two new guys there...and one was really cute! ;P but it wasn't until i got in the car after class with my mom that she told me that the one i thought was cute was looking at me a couple times during the class.... personally, i doubt it, because i was looking at him half the time and we never met gazes, so i don't think he was.... but i mean you never know! ;D

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  1. Awe, sounds like SO much fun! Except the pain part.

    Oo, a boy! Looks like Zumba's going to get real interesting! :)