Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sojourn: A temporary stay

 Hello Lovelies!

How are all of you? I hope you're good. I'm good.

Anyways so let's start off this post with a definition. (We're learning here people!)

sojourn: a temporary stay

Alrighty, now that we've established that, I can really talk about what I was going to in the first place.

So this spring break that's coming up I'm going on this trip called Sojourn to the Past which in short, takes you to five states in the South, reliving the Civil Right's movement of the US in the 60's. From Georgia to Tennessee, it'll be a ten day journey of learning about the injustices that happened in our own country and that sadly, aren't completely gone. I think the coolest part of the trip is that we get to meet people, the people who lived the movement, actively participated in it, and we get to hear them talk about it and talk to them about it. Oh I should probably mention that this isn't just like some fun easy trip, we've got to read 3 books before the trip, do work while on the trip, while lugging around this HUGE binder of information we're going to be using for our classroom sessions along the way. What I mean is that it's like a moving-classroom type thing where one day we'll do a lesson in a hotel conference room, the next on a bus, and the next at a site. It's going to be an incredibly grueling and rewarding trip, I think. But what I'm really, really, really excited about isn't just the trip... I get to spend these ten days not only with a couple of friends (actually I'm kind of dreading this because one of my best friend's really close friend is going and her and I don't really get along) and my favorite teacher. My history teacher who is just an amazing person in general is coming with us so I'm so stoked to spend the ten days along side her. She truly get's my love for Bobby Kennedy (her true love is Thomas Jefferson). XD

Alright, moving onto topic numero dos.

I've had this song playing on repeat in the background while I've been writing this post because I'm really into it right now.
Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds
Okay, so the video is a little odd, but the song is just very good. You have to listen to it and wait for the beat to drop...that's when it gets REALLY good. Just wanted to let you guys into my brain for a little to know what's been going through it. Well anyways.

The last thing I wanted to say is that I'm going to try to write a new post every Saturday. I apparently am not very good at keeping these goals, but you know what, I'm challenging myself here and really trying to follow through with this. So check in every Saturday for new posts! Please?

XOXO Briggitte.