Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two Poems...

So i feel like i think i like writing poetry now. Not as much as i like writing stories, but poetry provides that instant satisfaction, whereas a story takes much longer, but feels so good when im done with one.

Anyways, i had CAHSEE testing two days last week. The CAHSEE is the CAlifornia High School Exit Exam... it was SUPER EASY and i had a lot of time on my hands.... so i decided to write.... so here were two poems i came up with.

I Want You to Know
writte by Briggitte on 3.14.12

Your smile,
brightens up my day,
when I see you.

Your eyes,
Not brown nor blue,
their own special color.
dreamy color.
One's I'd love to get lost in,
if you'd let me.
When they flick across the room,
and meet mine,
I get butterflies,
I can't help but smile,
until you or I look away.

I like watching you,
when you talk,
when you walk.
Your cute little mannerisms.

Your sweet voice,
when you talk,
when you read,
when you laugh.

I think about you.
You will never know.

I care about you.
You will never know.

I want you to know.

I Don't Know
written by Briggitte on 3.14.12

When you smile,
I can't help but smile with you.
I'm mesmorized.
It's a warm smile,
a kind smile,
worn by someone who cares.
That beautiful smile,
hides pain.

Your eyes,
dark, mysterious.
Full of passion and rage,
full of hopes and dreams,
that can show lust and desire,
that can make me melt.
Such welcoming eyes,
with a hint of innocence,
that's never lost its gleam.
A place where tears are no strangers.
Let me help you.

A childish giggle,
music to my ears,
a soothing voice,
caressing and calming me,
through out the day.

I hear your words,
they mean something,
I hear your feelings,
you give me meaning.

I wonder a lot,
I think and dream.
When you're not with me,
you're never with me,
But you're always near.

What is right?
What is wrong?
I ask myself,
nobody knows the answer.

Rumors aren't always true.
I don't know.

I hope not.
I don't know.

Do I love you?
I don't know.

What's stopping me?
I don't know.

You can't tell me.
You aren't here.

I need someone to,
I don't know.

You know I'd love to hear what you think!

and if you're interested... I also drew this: