Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Really Hate That!

So today i went to always....
My friend joined and its been fun..but apparently, we are now doing exercises... like crunches and squats, and stuff for your abs...
i like the class, i like the dancing, and i like to feel like i'm exercising...but now that we've recently started this, i don't wanna go back. You see my friend is a soccer player and she's super fit! and from what i can tell, doing the ab exercises don't bother her a bit...she does it sooo easily because she's done it a lot at her practices. This is fine! my only problem is that my abs aren't as strong as her...not nearly as strong...and i feel kinda embarrassed to not be able to do the things that she can do....For example, today we were doing these things where you had to lay on the floor and hold your feet up in different positions(toes pointed, pigeon toed, and clown feet) and i was proud of myself because i held up my legs the amount of time we were supposed to and i felt accomplished because i couldn't the last time, and i succeeded in it this time. Well i was happy until we started doing these things where you lay on the floor and your partner stands right over your head, you grab their ankles and they push your legs and your supposed to keep them straight and not let them touch the floor and bring them back up...well she went first and she did the 20 it was my turn to get on the wasn't as easy for me and the teacher came over and was doing mine and counting and i barely was able to complete it...meanwhile, everyone else had stopped doing there's to cheer me on...this would have been showed that i had support from these people, but it just made me feel terrible because i felt like they were doing it to console me. I was super embarrassed and i almost cried, BUT i didn't! and to top it all off, my mom had to shoot off her mouth and make it known to everyone that i'm not in shape at the moment. I mean, yeah im not! I'm not running miles a day, but I'm healthy! I'm not overweight, i just don't currently play sports. My mom is hung up on the fact that i don't play sports. She tells everyone, and i mean everyone(she told a guy that was sitting with us in a Jacuzzi) that i don't like sports! I have never in my life said i don't like sports. I do like sports! i used to play soccer, but i stopped. She always compares me to my friend saying that i should be playing soccer like her, but the truth is, i know i would never dedicate myself to playing soccer like she does. She's an amazing player and she practices and everything. I on the other hand, would prefer to read books. I don't understand why my mom automatically assumes that i don't like sports. Its really embarrassing when she tells someone i don't like sports and i'm just standing there like "uh yes i do! i just don't want to pursue them like i know a lot of people do." I don't know, maybe this all doesn't make sense, maybe its just me feeling bad about myself that's making me write this, but i know one thing...i do feel better now after i got this all out of my system.
I hope i won't post like this again soon, but anyways, thanks for reading....


  1. Awe, I'm sorry. It sucks to be put on the spot like that. Hopefully next time will be better. :)

    I hate when parents do that...I know what you mean about sports. It's not that you don't like them, you'd just prefer reading a book. Maybe you should ask her what she'd prefer, you reading and getting smarter, or spending time doing sports. Well, maybe not..That might sound attitudey (I just made that word up lol.)

  2. yea..... :/

    ive thought of that too....but yea it would be a bit "attitudey" ahahhaha