Friday, July 15, 2011

How Well You Know Me Quiz

well last night i thought of the idea of making a quiz about how well someone knows me...i will be giving it to my parents later today and ill see how it goes...

my friend Courtney(<<< you should check out her YouTube page!!! its fantastic!) has already taken it and she got a 7 1/2 out of 10 !!! thats really good! she thought she failed! :P

well anyways.... here's the quiz if you wanna check it out!

Multiple Choice:
1) What is my favorite book?
            A. A Book by Desi Arnaz                             B. Love, Lucy by Lucille Ball
            C. Jeannie Out of the Bottle by                   D. Other
                 Barbara Eden
2) Who is my favorite MALE singer?
            A. Dean Martin                                             B. Desi Arnaz
            C. Frank Sinatra                                           D. Elvis Presley
3) What is my favorite TV Show?
            A. I Dream Of Jeannie                                 B. Bones
            C. I Love Lucy                                              D. House
4) Who is my favorite FEMALE singer?
            A. Barbara Eden                                           B. Doris Day
            C. Judy Garland                                            D. Christina Aguilera
5) Who is my favorite Kennedy brother?
            A. Joe Jr.                                                        B. Jack
            C. Bobby                                                        D. Teddy
6) Who is my favorite famous couple? (real or fiction)
            A. Booth and Brennan                                  B. Lucy and Desi
            C. Jack and Jackie                                        D. Tony and Jeannie
7) What is my favorite food?
            A. Cuban                                                        B. Italian
            C. Mexican                                                     D. Colombian
Short Answer:
8) What is my goal to have done by the end of this summer?

9) What is the name of the musical I saw last summer and fell in love with?

10) Who are the two present day actors I like the most?

Bonus Question:
What event in history would I most like to see?


  1. Whoot! :) How did everybody else do?

  2. well my dad got a 7 1/2 and my mom got an 8! :) figures!
    you should make one! :D