Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Day At Cedars!

Wow...i feel terrible...I haven't written for an entire week! I'm sorry!!!

Well now let me get you up to speed! My invisalign is bearable now...although i hate not being able to snack whenever i want to...i mean i could...but then id have to go take them off and the brush my teeth afterwards...yea no, im too lazy for that! At least they don;'t hurt much anymore!

I finished the 6th Harry Potter and im gonna be moving on to the 7th(and last!) whenever i get it from the library...and i also finished reading Larry Hagman's autobiography Hello Darlin': Tall( and absolutely true) Tales About My Life. Oh boy! was that book entertaining! i recommend it if you wanna read a book thats entertaining and hard to put down...oh! and it'll make you laugh...a lot!

have i mentioned i'm going to try to memorize all of the American presidents by the end of the summer? if i havent...i will and if i have... im proud to tell you that i have memorized all of the first 10 presidents...ahhahha

Well anyways...getting to the point about what this post was really going to be about: TODAY WAS MY FIRST DAY AT CEDARS-SINAI!!!!! We were only there for two hours....but it was an orientation that took us to the part of the hospital we'll be working at....I'm in the surgical recovery section....of course i wont be able to disclose any info about the hospital or its patients....but im very excited!!! i am able to tell you that its going to be a lot of fun and i start my four hour shifts next Thursday!!! :D

As for the Zumba...we're still doing it and ive gotten to the points where i know most of the routines already and i know the lyrics to the songs....then again that could be due to the fact that i'm really good with remembering song lyrics... :P

well heres the fourth chapter of my latest story if you feel inclined to check it out:

As for me...ive had a long gonna hit the hay!
Nitey-Night, Sleep Tight, Dont Let The Bed Bugs Bite!


  1. Sounds like you're having a great summer! :)

  2. yup yup yup! well it helps to have someone fun to talk to like you! :)