Wednesday, July 6, 2011


okay so today we went to our first Zumba it was an hour long right? it felt like 1/2 hour and it was kinda fun...i mean you A LOT...but its exercise right? it was interesting...i dont know if i would say i love it....but i dont know...tomorrow is our second class... so we'll see if i wake up soar or not...i hope not... :P

Well i posted up a new story...It's The Addams Family....mainly based on the 60's TV show and not the movies...but well i guess fans of the movies could like it too... here's the link to it if you want to check it means a lot to me to know that some people actually like my writing so if you do check it out...dont be shy to leave me a review! good or bad i dont really care....
i will be posting the second chapter maybe if you do read wont have to wait a long time.

Oh and my aunt gave me a HUGE Bette Davis book!!! yea!!! im soooo excited to read it!!! but i have to finish the one I'm reading, read Harry Potter 6, the autobiography of Larry Hagman, so it might take time to getting to...but knowing me...i read fast and ill get to it quick....

so have a good rest of the week everyone!
SWAK <3 

and again..please check out my story!

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