Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Well since today is Lucy's 100th birthday , i want to dedicate this post to her....I originally posted this onto tumblr....but i figured it ought to go here too:

Lucille Desiree Ball
August 6th, 1911- April 26th, 1989
Today, August the 6th, in the year 2011, you turn 100. 

You were born in Jamestown, NY to a loving mother and father. Many would agree that your childhood was a bit tough, but it helped shape what an amazing woman you’d become. Losing a father could never be an easy thing, but you found a way to overcome it. You had strength, strength that at such an early age is very uncommon. You took care of your younger brother and you cared for your family.  
You grew up. You began to experience new things. You left the safety and security of your home, to go to New York, to make yourself a career. You didn’t succeed at first, people even told you you could never be an actress, but you kept trying. You did things and took roles that no one would ever dream of thinking about. You didn’t mind being the clown. You liked what you were doing. Your career had begun to get better.
Then, you met him. You met the love of your life. You felt something that you had never felt with anyone else before. You married, you fought, you loved. You realized that you had something unique, you shared something special. It was true love. You couldn’t imagine life without him. The both of you built a safe haven in Chatsworth, California. That was where you spent some of the best years of your life. You both wanted a family, but ran into some troubles along the way. You married once again, under the Catholic church this time, and it happened. You were blessed with a baby girl that your husband lovingly named after you. Lucie Desiree Arnaz. You were the two happiest people on Earth.
You had been successful in your work, but what came next will never be forgotten. A sitcom was born. A very different one. It was based on a wife and a husband and their best friends, their landlords. After many fights, you got your husband to star along side you. “I Love Lucy” as it was called, was what you will be remembered for the most. It was shot on a stage, live, with “the three-headed monster”. You became the star. You probably did not know at the time what that show would mean to so many people. 
You had your second child. A baby boy. Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Ball IV. You were happy again, but things didn’t stay that way. There were terrible fights, tears, insecurities, it just wasn’t working. You didn’t want it to end, but it was too much to take. You divorced. A whole part of your life was gone, and you went through a really hard time. The love you had, it never left you. There was something about that man, that you felt in your heart, that you knew would always be there. You knew you could never stop loving him. You knew he loved you too. You would always love him.
As time passed, you were in other television shows, you were a success. You were admired. Your children grew up, and you re-married. You had found someone, someone you loved as well…as well…you never stopped loving him.
Now, one hundred years later after your birth, we are still celebrating you. You have brought joy, happiness, laughter, and inspiration to our lives. But i want to talk from my heart. My thoughts.
Lucy, you were an incredible woman. Your strength to keep going inspires me. Your talent, work, and personality, can make me feel better, even on the worst of days. But i never got to meet you. I never had the chance to see you with my own eyes, and not through television or books. I never got the chance to send you a letter telling you how much of a fan i am. 
But I’m not sad, I’m not upset. I know that you are in a better place right now, making everyone around you laugh. With “I Love Lucy” and everything else you have done during your life, we have a record here, of you, of your beloved talent, and that is what keeps me happy. 
I’m proud to say that “I Love Lucy” is my favorite television show. I’m proud to say that Lucille Ball is probably my favorite actress. I’m proud to say that even if I never met you, what we have here in this world, makes a connection between us. I’m proud to say, that I truly, love Lucy. Not Lucy Ricardo, Lucy Barker, Lucy Carter, or Lucy Carmichael. But Lucille Desiree Ball.
“‘I Love Lucy’ was never just a title.” Desi was right, it never was.
Rest In Peace 

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