Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Wow! So i havent written here in THE LONGEST TIME! i'm sorry....let my try to catch you up...
Um summer has been pretty great this year...i talked to a lot of new people and made some really amazing friendships *cough cough psychic cough cough* and its been pretty relaxing. I start school next tuesday, september 6th, on my birthday! yay me! :( oh well...ill just have to deal with it...My friends asked me if i wanted to go camping this weekend because they want to do something for my birthday...and i think i will. So that should be exciting...

um not much has happened... today is my last day of work at my aunts work because since i start school...i kinda cant go and work in the middle of the day...ahahha... ummm i really dont know what else to say, my mind is drawing a blank.

Yesterday i stayed up really late writing, but i felt so accomplished after i knocked out the chapter i was doing. Personally, i like where I'm going with this story, so I'm very proud of my self. *pats herself of the back* if you would like to check it's the link, its called When You're Gone...feel free to tell me what you think! :)

so because my aunt is on her way to picking me up, i'll make this short and snappy...
uhhh wow i make my life seem really boring dont it? uhh yea i guess i do... nothing is coming to mind at the moment...but i promise i will try to write again soon...with something a bit more interesting!

y'all have a good day now!

~Mrs. Ewing Nelson <3

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