Friday, August 12, 2011


So my mom's aunt passed away recently and today we had a mass for her at the church i grew up going to.
Well no, that would be a lie, i didnt grow up going to church. I've just been there whenever we do go to church. You see my mother's father was a very religious man, and he followed many religions at different times, so as a child, my mother got a taste of what a lot of religions were like. My father was raised a Catholic, i believe, but was never really, like devout. So when they got married, and  i was born, they decided that they wouldnt raise me under a specific religion, they would just instill good values and beliefs in me.

So, i was never baptized, never got a first communion or confirmation. When i was 10 months old, my parents flew me to my family in Seattle, Washington where my godmother lives and such and i was blessed. I think it was a Christening, but i dont know. The point is, i was raised to believe in a god, whatever god that may be, and ive read my childrens bible and probably will read the bible one day, i believe in angels, and i believe in heaven. I believe there are consequences for your action, and that there is someone looking over us.  But to me, religion isnt something i immediately care for. What i mean is, i dont care what you believe in, as long as you dont try to push it on me. I'm that way with many things. So going to church today for a legitamite mass was interesting to me.

They said prayers and things that i didnt know, i mean i recognized the Our Father prayer, even though i know it in spanish..well i dont know it, but i know some of it. i know one specific prayer by heart, which is the one of the angels, i know it in Spanish, because that was how it was taught to me. "Angelito de la guarda..."
which is "Angel of God...". I felt a bit out of place because i didnt know what was really going on. And then the preacher was giving the i think communion it was called, when they give you the bread and the wine, and my mother and me were the only ones that didnt do it, because well, we just dont do was a bit ackward, but i really thought that it was just beautiful. The way the preacher made it feel heartfelt and warm, after all, it was only like 10 of us, mainly family and a couple of close friends... it just felt right.

I'm sad to say that i didnt know my great-aunt very well. She lived in Colombia, and id only met her a couple of times. but it hit her son, my uncle/ not quite sure...the hardest. he couldnt travel over there, but he was such an incredible son to her. And when she was here, he took care of her soo well, and he wrote a beautiful poem to her. I didnt cry, but i was on the verge of tears a couple of times...

After the mass, we went over to my favorite restaurant, a cuban one called Versailles. Its really famous for its food and we sat and ate and it was fun. The food was delicious, as always... and it was nice to be around family and friends for a while. And my i guess he'd be my uncle/cousin as well, has invisalign! so now we're like invisalign buddies! although he has wayy more buttons than i do...he lucked out because i have to wear rubber bands with mine! yea! so they glued like this metal button thing on two of my teeth for them..its NOT fun... my aunts feels so bad for doing this to me...she's like "aw Briggitte, will you ever forgive for this."
and im like uhhhhhh.... but i know i will... after all she is my aunt (well actually she's my mothers aunt, all of my aunts are in diff countries) so i can never stay too angry at her for long...

this has turned out to be a really long post...i think i should probably shut up the time you've read up to here, your probably bored...but o well!

love, Briggitte :)

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