Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Is Almost Gone...

Howdy! how are you all doing?

So recently, i bought, well kinda went on a shopping spree on amazon.com and now im excited for my things to come in the mail...
i bought:
The I Dream of Jeannie Complete Box Set (you dont know how excited i am to get this)
Desilu: The Story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz (which ive been dying to read for what is it...two years now! well im finally gonna read it!)
and 3 of Barbara Eden's movies:
Harper Valley PTA
The Stranger Withing
The Woman Hunter

Im SOOO excited to get all this...but for now i have to be patient and wait... Grrrrr... :P
anyways, today i finished all of my summer homework...so now i can just relax for the rest of aug! yay!
my dad's birthday is approaching, on the 25th, but i already got him a present..i got his these 2 movies on Hitler and WWII...he's into that stuff...so i think he'll like em! :P

so i have a friend that i grew up with, she's like my sister, and she's turning fifteen as well this sept. our birthdays are 11 days apart... so i got the idea for her present from what i saw someone else do for their "best friend" im gonna make a big poster/collage of everything she likes, things we share, pics of us when we were younger, and things like that, im gonna frame it, and im gonna write something special for her...
ive already begun to pick pictures and things i want to put on it.... its gonna be fun! :)

so over the summer ive figured out that i have a huge guy problem...well not really a problem, its just i tend to like a lot of guys at once....but the thing is that all these guys arent the guys from my school or anything...they're incredible handsome and amazing actors and singers and things... oh yea...ive got a problem...
i could probably fill a whole blog post just with names of the guys i like! :P

anyways...i finally finished my IDOJ story! yay! im really happy at the way it turned out! so if you wanna read the complete story, here's the link to How The Astronaut Came To Marry The Jeannie! enjoy and dont be shy! leave your thoughts! :D
im actually trying to start a new one...so be on the lookout for a new story!

well i think thats enough writing for the moment...wow me saying "thats enough writing" thats a miracle!

OH I FORGOT! so far, ive read these two amazing books that i would recommend to anyone who likes mystery or romance:

A Howling In The Woods by Velda Johnston
a mystery, suspense, thriller type book that i just LOVED and the movie isnt bad either! ;)

Portrait of Jennie by Robert Nathan
romance, short but sweet book, ive yet to see the movie, but im definitely interested in it!

oh and i read each book all in one day! they make great reads!
well ill say goodbye for now!

love, from Mrs. JR Ewing....

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