Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm a bagel on a plate full of onion rolls...

So today i had my audition for the theater program at our school. It's called the AVPA, or the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts and its a really good program and my friends talked me into joining theater...they were in it last year, so i decided why not give it a whirl. I figure ill like it! :) anyways so today was my audition...everyone had to memorize a monologue and perform it. I did a monologue from Funny Girl (1968) Well i swear i had it all down last night, and even during the time i was practicing before my audition...I dont wanna say i wasnt nervous, because i was, but i thought id do okay. Well here i go, its 4:10 and the "teacher" calls me in. I start...i get through maybe half of it and i freeze up. OH FETCH! WHAT DO I DO KNOW? So i ad-lib a tiny bit of some of the lines i could remember...but sure enough, i freeze up again. Well it was no use ad-libbing anything else because i just couldnt remember. So he tells me that its okay and the interview part begins.
He is surprised to see that ive never done anything, and i mean ANYTHING , on stage before. He said i looked real natural up there...:) well he asks me about the random fact we were supposed to put down...i wrote that i enjoyed watching old films from the 20's-70's more than i enjoy watching the current ones. and he's like "wow! you dont like any movies from the past 3 decades?" i was like...well i like SOME, i just prefer the older ones...he said that was cool and he asked me what my favorite movie was...i was like O.O "um..." and he then added, "more like whats the first movie that pops into your head." Well the first movie that popped into my head was Too Many Girls (1940)  and i told him that it was first a broadway musical, but then in 1940, RKO made it into a film with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, and that was where they met (and fell in love *sigh*) and he was surprised to hear that i acutally knew what RKO was... :D yes, that made me very happy!
Well i bombed the audition...but even if i dont get a part in the fall play..i still have the spring musical to look forward too and i can always work back stage with props or costumes or something...that could always be fun...well ill be sure to come to you when i found out who got what the mean's the latest chap of my story! i hope you enjoy it! :D

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