Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas!

So Christmas Day was yesterday! *whoot whoot*
i hope you guys had a great Christmas!

We had friends over on Christmas Eve and had a yummy dinner and just talked and spent the night talking and catching up. They live in another city... so yeah... anyways they left at like 11 ish at night and in my family, we open presents at i had to wait for an hour and it was killing me! lol...

anyways so for Christmas I got:

an i Pod Touch 4g 32G (which is what i really wanted and im so glad, im like in love with it...its crazy...)
i got boots
i got a hat
i got Santa socks
i got this stationary thing
two watches

and i cant think of anything else right now...but if i do...ill be sure to tell you!!!

Oh! i've also had this idea of starting a video blog...i think it could be fun....
any ideas on what i should do?
i figured i could like talk about classic movies of course, people, stuff going on in the news...any suggestions?

I'm on vacation! yay!

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  1. I'm so glad you got everything you wanted, Darlin'. I did, too.