Sunday, December 25, 2011

Classic Hollywood Poem

hi! so my friend inspired me to write this, and i didnt think i could, but i did, so here it is!

Classic Hollywood Poem
(not a creative title i know, but oh well)

In the land of glamour and dreams,
not everything is what it seems.
Where wild spirits roam,
filled with directors, artists, and emcees.

Where passion runs deep and untamed,
where secrets will always remain.
Rumors spread like the summer wildfires,
mostly started by jealousy and liars.

Overnight you become a star,
but for many, you only can get so far.
Furs, jewels, and perfumes will come pouring in,
mixed with suits, champagne and gin.

What a mystical place,
where everyone knows your face.
Your privacy vanishes,
your family, heart, and soul may not take the damages.

'It's the price of fame' they say,
when you're crying at night wishing it would all go away.
You find love and you fight for it,
you realize what you do is not just a skit.
You love what you do,
and that makes you realize you made it through.

You never gave up,
you didn't take a sip from the devil's cup.
You're on top of the world when you're on that stage,
the next morning you're on the newspaper's front page.

You feel complete when you're holding that golden statuette,
this will be a night you'll never forget.

In that city where spotlights and flashes are all you can see,
that city you want to run from, but never really flee.
You will always be remembered for who you are or what you did,
you can bet your bottom dollar on that kid.

That city will keep the future entranced,
of the days of black and white comedy, drama, and song and dance.

The mysticism and romance behind Hollywood,
is something that can never be understood.

For the land of black and white,
I'd put up a fight and plea,
to be there tonight,
and never leave.

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  1. (Sing-Song voice) I love it, I love it. Yes, I do!