Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homecoming, My Father, and Kevin Bacon....

So my friend just posted a her blog and it was great...i loved it... you guys should really check it out : Living In the Wrong Era
so i felt like i should come on here and write something....

well this week has kinda been really busy....on Friday our school had our homecoming game against this one school called Morningside and we kinda murdered was 41 to 6.... so that was was fun too because all the theatre people sat together and its really true what they said at the beginning of the really do become like a family!
and so on Saturday morning i took the PSAT (the preliminary SAT)  but they told us we couldnt talk about it anywhere so i just kinda bugged me that i had to get up really early (as if i was going to school) on a Saturday, but oh well...and then i got home and took a power nap!
Saturday night was our Homecoming dance and because my friend

ARGHHH MY DAD TOTALLY JUST PISSED ME OFF!!! MY MOM WAS JUST SAYING THAT WE WERE GONNA START WATCHING SOMETHING TOGETHER SINCE IM DONE WITH MY HOMEWORK AND HE GOES "I DONT WANNA WATCH ANY MORE OF THOSE OLD MOVIES LIKE GOSH REALLY!" well i mean he said this all in Spanish, but you get the point.... Anyways! i totally just screamed back "Well you can go watch whatever you ones forcing you!" and he just totally starts cracking up! and im just like UGHHHH!!!!!! so now we're gonna watch I Dream of Jeannie and I Love Lucy....but im keeping what he said in mind next time i get a movie from Netflix or anything else....

SO ANYWAYS! to finish my homecoming story.... my friend was too scared to ask the guy she likes out to the dance, she asked me if i wanted to go with her and i said was fun! well for the most part... the theme was Footloose...but the new that upsets me....i have a lot of things against the new one...but it would take a whole post to talk about that...

it is quite insane how many girls really dont have any self respect about how they dance...its just rather disgusting....see thats another reason why i dont like the new Footloose...

ummm i think thats it for now.... alright yeah... good bye!

oh have i mentioned that Kevin Bacon is quite beautiful?


  1. :)

    AHH about your dad! That sounds like my mom! Except she hardly ever watches them with me... ;)

    That must have been hurtful. :(

  2. Nice blog...U expressly write very well. keep @ it. When 'I Dream of Jeannie' premiered, I watched the series in my bed on a 12" GE black and white, I had gotten the previous Xmas. It MAY~senior moment~ have been 7:30PM EST on a Friday(prime-time then began @ 7PM). It's the 1st thing(besides sports) I watched alone in my room and not in the living room with my family. It was considered a kid's program at the time. Keep at that story/book, and this blog;it will pay dividends down the road. really :=))), but you already knew that!