Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting My Life Back...

Howdy, ho!

How are you?

Well its amazing, but i've actually got time to write! YAY!
So this past week the fall play at our school closed....and well closed with a bang! This Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were the last show dates and well here's how it went...On Thursday, CETA judges (CETA is a competition high school plays enter in which our school got first place last year for The Laramie Project which was just simply amazing) came to see the show. It wasnt necessarily a BAD performance...it's just that there was like 12 people in the audience and it just wasnt THE BEST show we've put on...but we'll see what happens. Friday, everything was going great. The cast had a good energy and the scene changes were coming along great... were almost done with the show...and then... the panel falls! It just falls right during a transition! The audience gasped and to tell you the truth, the crew was pretty freaked out... well at least i was...luckily no one was hurt...but still! We had to get it off stage and it was just a mess! STRESSFUL! Saturday we just had a lot of house crew drama...like necessary, just-to-get-attention drama... it was annoying, but we had a GREAT audience...they were laughing it up and it was wonderful for the actors! Sunday was closing day....barely anyone showed up which was kind of depressing and it rained! Oh and boy did it rain.... we live in California....so it doesnt really rain, but it really poured! i normally wouldnt mind because i love the rain! but i was sick(still am) and well the actors have crosses they have to do outside to get to their entrances and they couldnt do that because our school floods outside the theater because they dont clean out the drain pipes. So we had to change where costume changes took place and entrances and it was just pretty hectic. But now the show's over and i actually get to have my life back!

My parents celebrated their 16 anniversary this weekend in Las Vegas so i've been staying with a friend since Sunday...i got home today and im like SUPER tired and so excited to get to bed. NO MORE SCHOOL UNTIL MONDAY OF NEXT WEEK! yay! im happy....

I was making up my Christmas like wish list and this is what i've got so far:
iPod Touch (4th generation, black-the one with a camera)
Pirates of the Caribbean 4

now lemme expand on those...
well iPhone is kinda self explanatory... Sprint just got the iPhone and i really want one!
um iPod Touch...if i cant have an iPhone...its the next best thing...i just really want one with a camera!
boots ive been wanting for a long time....both combat boots and just like boots that i'd like....
books of course
movies of course
Dallas as in to be able to watch the television show... i'm not gonna give up on that one with my mother!
clothes well self explanatory again
Pirates 4 because i loved it so much and if i get it ill own all four so i can have like the collection!

OH! last two things... have i mentioned i keep a correspondence with my godmother who lives in Seattle, WA.. like an actual correspondence with like physical letters written on paper! I love it...so she replied back today so that makes me excited.

They also announced what the spring musical is going to be at my school... its gonna be Sweeney Todd!!!! can you believe it?!?!?!? AHH thats amazing! im so excited and im hoping that i can get cast into it.... my goal is to get into the ensemble! but i do wanna work on a crew...probably set or something...i want to work with the blood! that would be AWESOME! wow that totally makes me sound crazy! XD

and also...i felt so bad...today is November 22nd and i didnt remember! i didnt remember that today the life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our 35th president, was taken in Dallas, Texas in 1963. I remembered last year because well if you didnt know....i have a thing for the Kennedy's...Bobby is my favorite brother, but i do love Jack and i just feel bad that i didnt remember.... i've had so much on my mind lately....

well Jack, i just want you to know  that you are not forgotten here and that i hope you rest in peace!

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