Friday, November 25, 2011

My 1 Hour and 36 Minutes With Marilyn

So i just got home from watching...yeah you guessed it.... My Week With Marilyn 
I went with my mother and i enjoyed it...a lot actually...

When i first heard they were making a movie on Marilyn i was like uh-oh this cant be good... and the more i heard about it...well i didnt hear much actually, but i did read, well flip through, this article at Target about it and i just, i wasnt convinced by Michelle Williams as the part... but i still went to go see it because...i still wanted to see it!

So they had Sir Laurence Olivier...who was a TOTAL JR (if you know what that means...if you dont...well he was just mean) there was Vivien Leigh who wasnt in much of the film, but still was part of it... there was Emma Watson as a costume or prop not sure..but she was there...and of course the protagonist Colin Clark (who was played by Eddie Redmayne and who i cant decide whether he's cute or not) and Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe.

So the plot was good i guess, i mean it was an interesting story and yes, you get sucked in and feel bad for her....a lot.... and for Colin! but its a love what do you expect?!?

The scenery was just BEAUTIFUL and i loved the costumes...
well anyways... i just found out it was rated R... that explains a lot... surprisingly not a lot of sex...which was good...especially if youre watching it with your mother.... a lot of suggestiveness though....anywhoo....

So my main issue with it is i dont really know how to criticize it.... my problem is that i mean i dont want to say that i know nothing about Marilyn...i know just as much as the next person does... about her childhood and everything.... but thats about it... i dont really know how to pull the facts out of the movie.... see if it was a movie about Lucille Ball or the Kennedy's... id be looking for all the little mistake or acknowledgments the writers made....but i couldnt do that with this...
but i still recommend it! XD

so that's that.... also! i got some books from that discount bookstore! :D
i got:
The Kennedy Women by Laurence Leamer
Natalie Wood: A Life by Gavin Lambert
a People Weekly Special Collector's Edition: Unforgettable Women of the Century (with Jackie Kennedy looking o-so-beautiful on the cover)
and some Spanish book... XD


  1. I've been iffy about wether or not if I should think about even seeing this. I'm not a big Marilyn fan, so I'm not sure. Oh, and you have read one of the Rat Pack mysteries? That's awesome! I'm getting them all for Christmas, and all but two have arrieved, the one you read which is the fourth one, and the third one.