Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Show, FBI, and Princess Grace

So yeah i'm back for the time being!
I have been so busy you don't even know! It's CRAZY! so ill try to catch you up on everything that has happened...

Well two weeks ago, we had rehearsals from 5:30-9pm every night...yeah not fun! Well I mean of course it is fun...but it just leaves me no time to do what i usually like to do...and this past week we opened the we had rehearsals Monday and Tuesday and then on Wednesday we had a preview for the other academy students (film, art, dance, etc.) so it went well, thankfully! Then Thursday was opening night! :D that went well as well! Afterwards, our theatre program has a tradition of going out to the near Denny's because their open 24hrs so we went and celebrated opening night there...there was like 10 or 15 of us.... we took up this HUGE table, but it was quiet fun! Then Friday, we didn't have school, but we had another show and again afterwards  we went to the park near our school and just sat around and talked for a bit...then i went home... Yesterday we had another show (of course) and my parents came to this one so that was fun! Afterwards, my parents wanted to go to the movies so we went and saw J. Edgar and boy was that GREAT! i absolutely loved it! I'm a big fan of like biopics and i enjoyed it a lot... My problem with it was that the movie made you sympathize with him...which bothered me because as a person, i pretty much hate him. I think he was a terrible human being (I'm on the Kennedy's side... so you can see where i'm coming from)...but while i was watching the movie i totally forgot about how i felt about him and just went along with the movie...i was even contemplating crying at the end...but then i didnt... Anyways....that movie was 2 hours we got home at like 1am... So today im like EXHAUSTED! but it's okay because i've done all of my homework and i have no school im pretty much gonna have a late night tonight (probably writing and YouTube) and then not do anything tomorrow!

OH! so our school has a winter formal every...well...winter... so my friends are going and i was gonna ask my friend if she wanted to go with me....but my other friend beat me to i was momentarily dateless.... anyways it's at this yacht club with a dinner and everything...and i want to i ended up asking a guy in my English class if he wanted to go with me... and he said yes! ;) so i kinda have like a REAL date.... XD ill have to tell you about it after it happens... DECEMBER 3rd...

and another thing... i saw In Time with Justin Timberlake the other weekend and i forgot how much i liked listening to his i've been on like a Justin Timberlake music kick lately! XD my favorite song of his is a tie between SexyBack (for reasons i shall not talk about at the moment) and yea.. :D

See Ya!

Oh! also i was on my friend's blog Living In the Wrong Era (you should check it out) and i took the same quiz she if you're interested... I got Grace Kelly...which im totally okay with :)

This is what it said:

Grace Kelly. The American Princess, she lived the ultimate fairy tale and every girl's fantasy becoming princess of Monaco, but before that, she was one of Hollywood's A-list notably appearing in three Hitchcock movies, including "Dial M for Murder", "Rear Window", and "To Catch a Thief" - all classics. She also won an Academy Award for her role in "The Country Girl".
Patient, Cool, Obedient, Sophisticated
You do what is expected of you, even if that means giving up something important to you. You may seem to be living the perfect life to others, but you might not be as happy as they'd expect. You struggle and fall on tough times like most but what makes you stand out is that you're able to keep your cool as well as your self-respect. Unwavering where most others would have given up you rough out the bad times without complaining or being self-piteous. You are above that. You look at the road ahead of you with a sense of purpose, but remember that you can always veer off that path laid down for you by others and go in the direction you choose...

oh yeah...did i mention they are both very attractive! ;)

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