Monday, June 27, 2011


Even though i don't know who and if anyone is reading this....I find it fun, so im gonna keep on posting.....

Well i will share why I am in PAIN right now.... but please don't laugh!!! i can be a klutz sometimes and this will prove it!

So on Saturday night i went to bed at like 11pm....i was ready to sleep...i turned on my sleeping music (a compilation of a bunch of slow songs on my iPod) and i closed my eyes, welcoming sleep...well it didn't come...I seem to have this problem....i wouldn't say its insomnia because it doesn't happen a lot...but sometimes, every once in a while...i just CAN'T sleep! well last time this happened i went and laid down on the living room sofa and that did the trick. So i tried's now like 1 in the morning and i head out to the living room in search of sleep. I lay down and shut my hour later...still nothing... I'm getting upset here... So we have a hammock in our living room...yes you read correctly....a HAMMOCK... one of those tropical swingy things...yeah so i laid down on it hoping the rocking would help me sleep.... It was working for a while...i began getting drowsy...but i have another slight problem....sometimes hearing things at 2 in the morning freak me out.... so i was having a mini-panic attack thinking someone's gonna break into my house and kill me or something... (i watch WAY too many crime shows) so i got up and turned on the television....i flipped to the channel of "Easy Listening" and that drowned out the creepy sounds... alright so up to hear I'm thinking, if this doesn't work, I'm screwed... oh did i mention on Sunday i was supposed to get up at 7 in the morning to get ready to go to the Cedars-Sinai Hospital for an orientation (I'm gonna be volunteering there this summer....I'll post more about that when it starts so stay tuned...) anyways i got to sit back down on the hammock know those like tv dinner tables...the one you put in front of the couch so that you can  eat while watching tv...well we have one and it was right next to the glass balcony door next to the hammock...well i sit down and i guess i miss calculated or not stretched out the hammock wide enough for me to actually sit on and i miss and fall and hit my head...right in the back of the ear of all places..... against the corner of the table thingy....oh it that point i figured my parents would get up...i mean with the impact of me hitting the ground and my head hitting against the table which hit against the doors of the balcony...i made a racket! But no, they didn't wake up.... so i'm stuck there, sitting on the floor, with my head throbbing, and I'm FUMING, I check to see if i'm bleeding( i didn't thankfully) I get back up and lay back down on the couch while hearing the blood rushing through my head.... i finally fall asleep....and wake up at six with a lot of pain..... and guess what....IT STILL HURTS!!!! my neck is sore and ughhh i'm mad.....and I have to get Invisalign on thrs....yipee!!! this is sooooo NOT my week....


  1. LOL. We are defiantly related. I once fell off a hammock, hit my head on a piece if wood and had a concussion. Welcome to the Klutz Club. Watch out for that tree George !

  2. oh im sorry...yea i dont think i had a concussion...i would have notice.... lol

  3. Ow! I can just imagine the pain. Hope you feel better soon.