Monday, June 20, 2011

My Weekend? i don't really know what to write about....

i already told you guys about the last day of school, so there's nothing to oh yea! i went to the graduation party of my best friends sister (they're both pretty much considered family) on Saturday! It was FUN!!! My BFF did my hair (with the help of her cousin) and they did my make-up! Which is not a usual thing for me, but it was fun! She has a doggy...his name's Leo (he's my godson) and i brought my dog Angel (who's her goddaughter) and they had a sleepover...but i'm sure this doesn't interest you.

I saw X-MEN First Class on Sunday with the rents and i liked it a lot....especially because it took place during the Cuban Missile Crisis and i got to see a lot of my favorite president Mr. John Fitzgerald Kennedy. <3

Anyways, today was the first day of summer, but i spent it at the dentist office...that would usually be a bad thing, but my dentist is my auntie and my mom works at the office so it was a pretty cool day...then we got frozen yogurt...YUM!

Oh! I saw Rear Window with the amazing James Stewart *sigh* and Grace Kelly! I totally recommend it! Then again, i recommend all of Hitchcock's movies because  they're all amazing!!!!

I'm gonna go read Harry Potter (my friends got me into it...but trust me I'm NOT a crazy, obssessed fan of it, i just find the story interesting) i'm just blabbing....hope this didn't bore you too much!


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