Friday, June 17, 2011

First Post!

So for my first post i figured i could tell you about my last day of school! great way to start off a blog right?

Well, today, June 17, 2011, i am no longer a freshman...i am now officially a sophomore! yipee!!! i guess...
anyways the weather was kind of bad today....cloudy but HOT...if you ask me, mother nature needs to get her weather straight....i took my last final of the year: BIOLOGY! and with the teacher i sooo glad it's done with!

During lunch, there was a water balloon fight and it was quite funny...although i fell kind of bad for the people that got hit...and during our last period of the day (mine was pe so no final!) someone pulled the fire alarm and we all had to go out to the was a nice last day of school...

I am sad though... my favorite teacher this year (geometry teacher) is not coming back next year... :(
Him and his wife are going to go work at a school in PORTUGAL! of all places!!!! After school, two of my friends and i went to go say goodbye and it was sooo sad! i'm going to miss him!!!!

Well i hope that this wasn't too boring for you and i will try and post soon, well i will because guess what?

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