Monday, January 9, 2012

Tired... why am I so tired?

How were these past couple of days for you?

Well i went back to school today... :/ times!

I am excited for this weekend though! Our theatre company is going to this high school theatre festival/competition called CETA (im not quite sure what it stands for...this is my first year!) and we get to leave school early on Friday during lunch and drive all the way to Anaheim and stay there until Sunday! So its like a sleepover at a hotel with friends from the company and we get to see for shows... I'm so excited!
Two of them I have never heard of...but the two other ones are To Kill A Mockingbird and The Crucible. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD!!!! Oh my god im so excited for that!!!!!!! Guess which man i'll be thinking about all weekend... i really hope they do a good job with it!!!

Atticus Finch... yes i'll be hearing that name a lot this weekend...
but i'll  be thinking about Gregory<3
Anyways! Umm what to tell you... i really dont know... ive been tired...rundown..listless... i poop out at parties... im unpopular!(; who can tell me where that's from?!?

So I havent been able to watch any movies i dont really have anything to talk to you about...and i'm halfway down with reading Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman which is okay... i mean i guess its starting to get good... i find that i do like reading plays... 

okay so onto my favorite part of the post...especially in light of a recent makes it all the better! XD

Stars That Will Never Fade

Why I Chose This Picture: This is the same picture I sent to him
two summers ago with a letter for an autograph...and he signed it. :)
Name: Jerry Lewis
Real Name: Joseph Levitch
Occupation: Actor, Comedian, Singer, Film Producer/Director
DOB/DOD: March 16th, 1926
Fun Fact: He once played first base in an exhibition game for 5 innings
for the Houston Astros
Quote: Other comedy teams never generated anything like the hysteria Dean and I did,
and that was because we had the X-factor--the powerful feeling between us.
And it really was an X-factor, a kind of mystery.
Academy Awards: Winner of the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 2009

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