Friday, January 20, 2012

CETA, finals, and stress....

Hello Hello!
So I'm in a good mood right now! :D

Anyways this week has just been soooo long and sooo slow and sooo tiring!
So on Friday of last week we left school early (at lunch) from school to drive up to Anaheim where we were staying in a hotel for the weekend. To me the ride seemed incredibly was weird because LA traffic usually doesnt feel that way... I think it was just the excitement of the trip. My friend brought her ukelele so she was playing and we tried to sing Drops of Jupiter...but we kinda failed... XD and then my other friend brought his guitar so we were all singing to that... it was great.
We got to the hotel and unpacked...i shared a room with my close friend and this other girl, so there was only 3 to a room which was nice.
There was a pool, but no one thought of packing their swimsuits...but our boys will be boys and they went in anyways... in their underpants.... way more than i ever wanted to see of any of them.... O.O i'm like scarred...
so out hotel was convinced right next to a strip club... oh boy was that interesting...teenage boys + strip club = trouble.... but OTHER THAN THAT...
we had dinner at a restaurant nearby and headed over to the school to register and see the first show...
it was called Leading Ladies. It was soo great! sooo sooo great. A comedy. Hilarious. pretty much two out of work men dressed up as women to try to get inheritance from this one lady...anyways it was hilarious and i loved it...
Then we went home and to bed... well not to bed...we stayed up talking till like 2am, but thats okay...
The next show was To Kill a Mockingbird which was my favorite... XD of was a little on the long side...but i think they did justice to the book, so i was happy... The one thing that did really bother me, was that the actor who played Atticus, i guess chose to portray Atticus with a limp...and that kinda distracted me...but other than that...good good good show. Then we did workshops, so like i tool Beginning Directing, Costuming 101, and Stage Management 101...they were interesting, but just a little boring... and then we watched The Crucible...oh boy was that hard to sit through... I couldnt take it... i just.... i was falling asleep, it was boring....i was cold... i just DIDNT LIKE IT... like dont get me wrong, Arthur Miller... i respect him and i think he was very talented...and i like Death of a Salesman but i just couldnt take this....
and then that night....the last many things happened....

here we are by the hotel pool...
im on the far left in the sunglasses.. :)
So our like bedtime/lights out time was 12/ midnight....thats when everyone had to go back to their own rooms...but like it was the last night, we werent sleeping so at about 1:40-1:50 ish some of us snuck into our friends room to like hang out... well what we didnt know was that two of our friends went out to buy drinks.... so my friend and I went over and were sitting there and okay let me get one thing straight before i continue with the story. I. Dont. Drink. i dont drink, i dont smoke, i dont do drugs... thats just not my thing.... thats the way i was raised and personally, i want to live a long, and healthy life...and well drinking and smoking and drugs dont help with that. anyways... i wont judge you if you do those things... like some of my closest friends in theater, they do a lot of that, and i still love them because theyre great people... so i really could care less that they were doing that... i was just worried that we'd be caught.
so the two friends who went out came back with five drinks of Four Lokos which scare the be-jesus out of me because those things have like killed people, but anyways, they offered me and my friend if we wanted some and we both said no because, well i just didnt want any....and you know what? i didnt feel pressured at all... like growing up i felt like i was always told that people are gonna offer you drugs and things and theyre gonna gang up on you and make you feel bad until you said yes.... and it was nothing like that... even in the morning, the girls that do drink and stuff that i am the closest too, they were like "we didnt make you feel bad or pressure you or anything right? because that's totally not what we wanted to do" and they didnt and i guess maybe because i havent been in that situation before, but i felt like they genuinly actually cared about how we felt and that kinda meant a lot to me.. but anyways...we were really sleep deprived the next day because we went to bed at around 4am... and then we watched the last show called Once in a Lifetime amazing set! they had an amazing set....and thats about all i can about it because it was just a terrible show... they didnt have was WAYY too long... like 2 intermissions, you couldnt follow the plot...i couldnt take it...i was actually suffering....
AVPA Blurred Vision Theater Company
thasss uss!!!
lets see...i'm like in the third row from the bottom, and the
3rd person from the left... 

anyways we got back home at about 6pm and i went home, showered and slept... ahhah i was pooped out!
and so this week of school began which has not been fun because finals are next week and all my teachers are stressing me out about it..... i have a final for every single class....EVERY CLASS! including PE!!! THATS 6 FINALS!!! IM GONNA DIE!!!
okay.. i think i should probably go to bed now.... ive got to get up early for the hospital tomorrow....
thanks for sitting through and listening to me talk and talk and talk and talk.... ahhaha

oh i almost forgot! i need to do a Star!!! ahh okay who should i pick.... well i looked to my left and the first picture i see on my wall is the artist im going to do...

Stars That Will Never Fade
Why I Chose This Picture: I don't really know, but i really like
it for some reason...because its not one of the overused ones i guess...

Name: Marilyn Monroe
Real Name: Norma Jeane Mortenson
Occupation: Actress, Singer, Model, Sex Symbol
DOB/DOD: June 1st, 1926-August 5th, 1962
Fun Fact: One of the first Los Angeles natives to become a major movie 
Quote: To put it bluntly, I seem to have a whole superstructure with no foundation.
But I'm working on the foundation
Academy Awards: No Academy Awards, but was, however, nominated for the Golden Globe
for Best Motion Picture Actress-Comedy or Musical in 1960 for the film Some Like It Hot 
and won

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  1. It sounds like you had a very interesting week, Darlin'.

    I think I would be with you on the To Kill a Mockingbird Attiucs Finch limp. I'm sure it was fantastic, but that really would've thrown me off my game (and it also wouldn't help any if all I can see is Gregory's face when I think of Atticus).

    The Crucible . . . *shutter* I'm going to have to read that play sometime this semester for my American Lit. class. I'm not exactly looking forward to it. :/

    You + Finals = SUPERB! You'll be great!