Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hey guys... So that awkward moment when that book club idea just didn't work... I'm sorry! Anyways, I know I haven't blogged in a while... and well that's okay. Sorta... 

So Hello! If you're wondering why the "Hello" in my title is in quotations... It's because of this YouTuber named Hannah Hart. 

Just a usual on My Drunk Kitchen
Her love for her fans<3
She has a show called My Drunk Kitchen and right now it's my favorite web series on YouTube. I've gotten really into it in these past few weeks (thanks to a really good friend of mine who knows probably every YouTuber on YouTube) but yeah. So back to explaining about the title... her signature opening to her videos start with a "Hello!" She's a very talented person (vlogger, singer, songwriter, cook) and I've gotten to really like her. She's very inspirational (not because of her drunk cooking!, but because of the other vlogs she does about her life and her story) and I find it very hard not to love her. So if you're's a fan-made video about the highlights of My Drunk Kitchen and in the first little bit you'll see the "Hello!"'s that I'm talking about. Okay I guess I'm done promoting her now... 
Okay I'm shamelessly promoting her...
but do go and check her channel out.

Anyways... just wanted to tell you about that because I'm letting you guys catch up on my life. 

The first semester of my junior year just finished this past Friday and boy am I relieved. It's been a hard year.... I've never struggled so much in a class (Physics Honors) before, and I've never had such low grades before (anything below a B was unthinkable until now) so I was feeling kind of down about myself for a really long time. You see I've always thought (since I was like 5) that I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up, and I was so set on that. Until this year. I mean I feel like I've sorta changed this year. I don't really know  if it's a good change or not.... But anyways. I don't think I want to be a doctor anymore. For as long as I can remember, the two classes I've struggled in the most in school were math and science. I mean I always made it by with decent grades in these subjects (A's and B's...usually B's in math) and this year, I feel like I'm just on a sinking ship. The damn Titanic of physics is taking me down and it's been the most stressful time because of it. I've been balancing between a D+ at one point of the year, to a C- to most of the year, and last time I checked I had a solid C... which, I mean from a D+ is a good improvement... but even then, I feel dreadful about. And I know it's not pleasing my parents at all...especially my dad. I mean now I have a tutor to help (which I mean I guess it does help) but still, I'm really just praying that I didn't fail this final and hoping that by some miracle I'd be able to bring my grade up to at least a B- on my semester report card... I don't know. I just kind of hated myself for this whole year (up until to a couple of weeks ago) because I thought I was just dumb and not getting it and I was letting my parents down...but most importantly me... And now, I think I've reached the point where I've come to accept it. I'm just not good at science. I'm a decent cook at math (this year I've had an A for the first time in a math class) but I've kind of resigned my hopes of being a doctor. Is this irrational? I don't really know. I do enjoy history a lot (not sure I want to go into that as a career), I enjoy languages and linguistics, so I'm kinda looking into that... I just don't know... and I really hate being incisive about a thing like my future... I just don't know.

Wow, so I didn't think I'd write that much about that... but yeah. I know what I want to talk about now too... but I'll save that 'till next post... it involves this:
Just a little teaser ;)

So be sure to tune in (read in?) next time!


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  1. Ah, Darlin', I didn't know you were having that hard of a time. Why didn't you tell me? Don't worry about it too much. I had to resign myself to the same fate with Chemistry last year, so I know what you're feeling right now. My dreams of being a medical examiner were crushed, too. It's sad, but you learn to move on and think of something else.

    And on a much happier note, I know what you want to talk about next time! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! ;)